Thursday, December 8, 2022

Under $50 / Stocking For Adults

Here are some stocking ideas for your own stocking, your significant other or parents!

ONE - this looks amazing on your eyelid. My friend Kelly has it and I was like what eye shadow is that!

TWO - the classic toiletry bag for your man. My Dad, brother and Kevin all have this and love it....for years and years. 

THREE - my sister in law's parents sent us these for an early Christmas present and it's likely odd how happy they make me! They have this pretty gold stripe going through with the red and green.

FOUR - good for guys or gals. 

FIVE - always a good idea to have a nice "winter hat" with the wool on there. 

SIX - this bracelet looks so much more expensive than it is. Currently on sale. 

SEVEN - a tall boy brumate is required at the pool or beach. Grab yours now so you get the color you want!

EIGHT - $40

NINE - refresh the sock drawer for the guys!

TEN - I love teleties but these are also super nice and do not dent your hair. I use these at night after work and before bed when I'm trying to save my hair for the next day. 

ELEVEN - anyone seen these silicone cups at Orvis near the check out line? They're so nice because they are not breakable.


  1. The bracelet is so pretty, but the link is going to the Brumate. Can you update it please?

    1. Thank you for letting me know! It's fixed now! :)