Friday, January 29, 2021

100 Days, Police Officer, Valentines

I haven't been the best blogger this week but I've been busy with work and life. Ha!

Grady came to take Molly Anne to school with me one day this week when Kevin had an early appointment.  She always gets out of the car and says, "tell Grady XOXO, monster trucks and tractors!" So he loved hearing that when he was with us!  He idolizes her.

I wrapped up little Valentines treats for their teachers this week so I have those ready in February. My tried and true W&S tea towels with Bath and Body Works hand sanitizer. Oh and here are the Valentines that I did for the children last year and guess what - we are doing the same ones again!

We were driving to school the other day and we were next to a police officer in traffic and I kinda inched up so he saw we were looking at him and Grady was saying Police Car Police Car. He finally got it that I had a little boy in the back and he rolled down his window to talk to us. He showed Grady his lights and then even got out and brought him a police badge sticker.  HOW NICE right?!! It was soooo sweet. Grady took his sticker into school and showed everyone on the way to his classroom. He was so proud of it!

Yesterday was the 100th day of school so all of the children dressed up like they were 100 years old! Molly Anne had a ball with it!  She wore her nightgown and robe, pearl necklace, glasses with a beaded holder and a wig!

with her seeing eye dog!

We were walking through Grady's church school and he begged for me to take a picture of him in front of this! Who am I to say no?! Cute boy. He has the cutest Luigi turtleneck on and his little corduroy pants! He's never leaving our house to grow up.

Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Random Items

Here are a few things I've grabbed for the kids recently...

Molly Anne has been growing out of her dance and tumbling outfits so I grabbed her a couple of new ones.  I think they run small too.  Here is the leotard for tumbling and I got her the 7/8 and she wears a 5/6 in dresses.

I also grabbed her a new jazz leotard and for sizing reference she wears a 5/6 and I got her a medium in this one.  And also in this skirt

Isn't this tractor night light the cutest?!  I got it from this Etsy shop!

Molly Anne has her 100th day of school on Thursday so I grabbed this wig set with the pearls and glasses.  She is going to wear a nightgown and robe (that she already has) with it so she looks 100 years old!

Monday, January 25, 2021

January Weekend

Honestly these weekends are pretty chill since it’s January, corona time and the weather is blah! We still are making the best of it!

After school tv time with the three stooges while I wrap up work. 

Hilary and I planned ahead Friday and when I say that, I mean Hilary planned ahead and we thanked them for having us over for dinner on Friday night! She made the most delicious low carb pizza and antipasto salad! 

Blue eyed queens!

Sweet friends! 

Girlfriend was TIRED. 

Saturday we didn’t do much. Molly Anne went on a bike ride with the girls then we had our gutters cleaned by the guys that were doing them next door at our other neighbor’s home. Miraculously we made it out the door and met our next door crew at Duckworths for dinner.  It was fun but took forever. Mix that with my little two year old friend that hadn’t been out in public in a long time AND was past his bedtime. Yikes. We called it an early night. I think I slept from 9pm - 7am which NEVER happens. 

On Sunday morning we layed low. Molly Anne worked on her valentines and I worked on Grady’s. She also helped me clean my make up brushes and she loved doing that.  

After naps we needed to do something fun so we took advantage of the semi warm day and threw a fire together, put football on the TV outside, played, had some beverages and hung out!

Very necessary!

We heated up leftover soups that were in the freezer and called that dinner. 

Hope everyone has a great week!

Wednesday, January 20, 2021


It’s Inauguration Day in America! I don’t care who you vote for, this is a historic day!  

We’ve had a croupy week over here. This boy is congested and gooky. He technically has been cleared by the doctor to go back to school but I know he’s not 100% yet so I’m going to wait another day. 

He loves his new John Deere hat from his Aunt and Uncle! 

Our back door neighbors gave Molly Anne a ton of American Girl items last night including Nanea and the bunk beds! So nice right?!! She put Nanea, Camille and her bitty baby named Rainbow Sparkle in bed so all three girls could sleep next to her last night! Adorable!  She hasn’t been a huge doll girl but lately she’s started to play with Barbies and her American Girl things!

Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Meals Lately

I know everyone is trying to eat healthy these days so I wanted to share our menu for the last couple of weeks and this’s not all healthy!

Sunday - quiche with orange pepper, onion, mushroom and sausage
Monday - roasted salmon (salt and pepper, 400 degrees, 15 minutes), steamed peas and canned peaches
Tuesday - sheet pan nachos for the kids with fruit, and taco salads for us
Wednesday - crab chicken on a salad for Kevin and with asparagus and oranges for kids and I 
Thursday - omelets/breakfast for dinner 
Friday - chili

Sunday - grilled cheese and tomato basil soup
Monday - bacon cheddar burgers on the grill, roasted broccoli and steak fries
Wednesday - Italian dressing marinated chicken (grilled), mashed potatoes and fresh green beans tossed in olive oil and everything but bagel seasoning
Thursday - pan cooked shrimp tossed in buffalo sauce over a wedge iceberg salad (kids will have shrimp with no sauce, fruit and carrots with hummus)
Friday - leftovers or take out

Sunday - needed comfort food - made this Chicken Noodle casserole but used two cans of cream of mushroom because I don’t do cream of chicken. Served with pears. 
Monday - sausage, onion, mushroom quiche and strawberries. 
Tuesday - sheet pan chicken fajitas - red, yellow, orange peppers, sweet onion and chicken tenderloins mixed with a little olive oil and fajita seasoning then cooked.
Wednesday - Big Mac Salad and I’ll give the kids the same thing but broken down, not on lettuce. 

Monday, January 18, 2021

Croupy Weekend

It wasn’t the most fun weekend. Grady had croup strike about 9:45pm on Saturday might and it was maybe the worst yet. I knew we were going to the ER but somehow avoided it. It was awful even with the decadron. We drove around for an hour at 10:15pm. That calmed him and gave him the cool breeze he needed. I’ve never once slept with either of my children except in a hotel but I slept with him Saturday night. Well I watched him breathe and looked at his finger nails but yeah. Poor boy. 

Blue day at Grady’s school on Friday! Grady’s shirt is from Honey Bees Tees. Molly Anne’s fun sweatshirt is from Athleta but I didn’t see it on their website anymore. 

Friday physical education class! We had fun walking Mills! 

She’s too cute...I know I’m biased. We had such a nice day on Friday with no electronics and hours of legos. She’s so good with no sugar and no electronics. 

The crew on Friday night! We had a spontaneous night of nachos and hanging out!

More legos on Saturday morning. She did Andrea’s Pool Party and finished all 468 pieces that morning. Wild lego child! I love that she loves them!

Saturday night we headed to dinner at our club with Kevin’s parents. The kids were wild, the food was blah and I didn’t love being in public bc of how it was with covid so it wasn’t the most relaxing meal in the world. Still was nice to not cook!

Then the croup episode happened. On the porch trying to get his breathing under tow. Had to resort to the car breeze though. 

Sunday we did nothing. Molly Anne and I walked Mills but otherwise the kids both stayed in pajamas all day and Grady and I took long naps. Sometimes you just need a day like that. Today both of their schools are closed but my office is open so I’ll be winging it. Always good times friends!  Chat soon. 

Friday, January 15, 2021

Five on Friday - Workout Mat, Chop chop, Scooter

I don't know who needs to hear this but I've been officially converted to a Lululemon workout mat person. And the following is for real - it's that good!  My other mat was shredding from my running shoes as I jumped up and down and did pushups etc.  This mat is amazing. I went with the thicker mat but not the XL one.  This is the one I have in the black/white/black (marble). It is perfect for strength workouts that I do with my Peloton. Highly recommend. I hear people get them and use them for 6 years and they still look brand new!

Fruits and veggies for the week that I did on Sunday.  Done and done. 

My parent’s neighbor sent me this picture of my Dad with his solo stove and I think it’s great! 

Grady has become quite the scooter professional! He comes with me every evening when I walk Mills! He loves it so much. I know his helmet needs to be fixed. 

Anyone else feel like this week is just slowly moving along? January is the most ugh month and especially these days. I’ve walked a lot of miles this week at night after the kids are in bed. That’s helped my sanity but whew! I’m grinding at work and I’m TRYING to have patience with everything and everyone. I found this in Molly Anne’s folder from school one afternoon this week and it’s so cute. She started in the after school program this week and while the older kids do their homework, she doodles and does these things. Love it! She has the sweetest heart (most of the time ha!)!

Thursday, January 14, 2021

Crib to Big Boy Bed

I think this transition was harder on me than anyone and in these instances, I just have to rip the bandaid off and get it done. No more crib in our house!!  AHHH.  

We ordered Grady's new bed a couple of weeks ago and Sunday was the delivery date.  I knew it was approaching but I had no concrete plans of how the transition was going to go.  Both of my kids did Moms on Call so they both are good sleepers.  There were zero issues with Molly Anne moving to a big girl bed when she was 2.5 so I didn't expect any with Grady either.  

And guess what, there weren't!  He stayed right in his bed for a 3 hour nap on Sunday and waited for me to come in and get him. I've always learned that when they do this transition, I must be very prompt when they wake up to go right in to get them.  That way they don't get up and wander around and think that's okay to do. So I'll be in this stage of getting to him quickly after he wakes up until he is officially trained to know to not get out of that bed!  We don't need him wandering around in the middle of the night!  I expect it'll take a week to make that habit.  

Here is the queen bed we chose for him. Hard to find a navy queen bed!
We got the mattress from mattress firm. 
Here are the construction sheets he has on there now.
And this is the quilt set I want to get for him. OBSESSED. I had ordered  Pottery Barn one and it was not navy as it said on the description so I had to go back to the drawing board and I found this one from Serena and Lily. 
To go with these euro shams I grabbed at Target. 

"The guys bring my big boy bed in here."

The bed is low because it doesn't need a box spring and I wanted it to be easy to get in and out of for him.  You know what that means...Mills can easily get on it!  So of course he was on there Sunday night and Monday morning!

Sweet boy is growing right up!

Wednesday, January 13, 2021

DuBose Pictures

We had Dubose pictures taken the first week of November and they are truly my most treasured possessions.  They're so very special and I'd rip them off the wall first if an emergency in our house happened. 

We ended up getting the first two below of each of the kids. My parents also got one of each.  It was hard to decide but I picked the same ones to order both times after not looking at them for two weeks. Now we will have them framed and hung on our wall.  I have both kids Dubose pictures at 10 months old, 2.5 years old and Molly Anne at 5 years old.  Grady at 5 years old will finish our wall!