Friday, January 8, 2021

Five on Friday

Scooter crew!

I had flowers delivered to enjoy over Christmas from @therootednest and they were so pretty.  This was on day 7 so I definitely should have taken a picture sooner!

Cut those veggies and wash the fruit when you get home from the store...takes me 15 minutes and saves me soooo much time during the week.  This is a mixture of meal prep and things just to have in the fridge.

It's been nice here in the afternoons so we have been outside enjoying the sunshine and scooting more!  Grady is really getting the hang of his new scooter and Molly Anne is loving her new two wheeled one as well!  Mom and Dad gave her one for Christmas and we gave Grady his!

Little boy was sick after coming home from camp this time but it didn't last long so that was good.  We're down a rug but ya know. Comes with the territory!

Happy Weekend!

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