Monday, January 25, 2021

January Weekend

Honestly these weekends are pretty chill since it’s January, corona time and the weather is blah! We still are making the best of it!

After school tv time with the three stooges while I wrap up work. 

Hilary and I planned ahead Friday and when I say that, I mean Hilary planned ahead and we thanked them for having us over for dinner on Friday night! She made the most delicious low carb pizza and antipasto salad! 

Blue eyed queens!

Sweet friends! 

Girlfriend was TIRED. 

Saturday we didn’t do much. Molly Anne went on a bike ride with the girls then we had our gutters cleaned by the guys that were doing them next door at our other neighbor’s home. Miraculously we made it out the door and met our next door crew at Duckworths for dinner.  It was fun but took forever. Mix that with my little two year old friend that hadn’t been out in public in a long time AND was past his bedtime. Yikes. We called it an early night. I think I slept from 9pm - 7am which NEVER happens. 

On Sunday morning we layed low. Molly Anne worked on her valentines and I worked on Grady’s. She also helped me clean my make up brushes and she loved doing that.  

After naps we needed to do something fun so we took advantage of the semi warm day and threw a fire together, put football on the TV outside, played, had some beverages and hung out!

Very necessary!

We heated up leftover soups that were in the freezer and called that dinner. 

Hope everyone has a great week!

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