Friday, January 29, 2021

100 Days, Police Officer, Valentines

I haven't been the best blogger this week but I've been busy with work and life. Ha!

Grady came to take Molly Anne to school with me one day this week when Kevin had an early appointment.  She always gets out of the car and says, "tell Grady XOXO, monster trucks and tractors!" So he loved hearing that when he was with us!  He idolizes her.

I wrapped up little Valentines treats for their teachers this week so I have those ready in February. My tried and true W&S tea towels with Bath and Body Works hand sanitizer. Oh and here are the Valentines that I did for the children last year and guess what - we are doing the same ones again!

We were driving to school the other day and we were next to a police officer in traffic and I kinda inched up so he saw we were looking at him and Grady was saying Police Car Police Car. He finally got it that I had a little boy in the back and he rolled down his window to talk to us. He showed Grady his lights and then even got out and brought him a police badge sticker.  HOW NICE right?!! It was soooo sweet. Grady took his sticker into school and showed everyone on the way to his classroom. He was so proud of it!

Yesterday was the 100th day of school so all of the children dressed up like they were 100 years old! Molly Anne had a ball with it!  She wore her nightgown and robe, pearl necklace, glasses with a beaded holder and a wig!

with her seeing eye dog!

We were walking through Grady's church school and he begged for me to take a picture of him in front of this! Who am I to say no?! Cute boy. He has the cutest Luigi turtleneck on and his little corduroy pants! He's never leaving our house to grow up.

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