Monday, January 11, 2021

Weekend Wrap Up

Molly Anne had a friend over for most of Friday while I worked and after her school work was finished. We picked up Grady and just had some chili for dinner. It was a gross day out. We got in bed early. 

Mills has been quite the assistant for Molly Anne this last week!  Here’s the link to her new triangular gymnastics mat that she got for Christmas! She loves it. 

Snuggled up and she put all of her animals on her bed. She loves to have lots of knick nacks around and is like her Daddy and doesn’t want to throw anything away!

Molly Anne had another play date on Saturday with her preschool friend Lily to have a tea party with their American Girls. It was so cute and my friend Mandy went above and beyond for them. So adorable! 

While I was running Molly Anne there, Kevin texted and asked if I wanted to go to dinner if his parents could watch the kids for a couple of hours. Duhhh yes!!!  We haven’t been out in months as we were being extra careful over the holidays. This was such a treat to not have to cook a meal! We went to 131 Main and sat at the bar (our fav place to sit anywhere usually)! 

We both had filets and we agreed that it was the best steak we’ve had in a long time!

My hair looks terrible and I’m not even looking at the camera but we were thrilled to be out!

After we put the kids to bed we hung by the fire then it got too cold so we went in!

Poor mills, I found this heart sticker on his paw pad! Life with children. He’s so good. 

And yesterday we had a big transition - Grady moved from a crib to a big boy bed!!!  More on that to come!

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