Wednesday, January 6, 2021

Molly Anne is 5.5!

Molly Anne turned 5.5 on Monday!  We had the big rock at school painted on Monday afternoon so all of her friends could see it on Tuesday morning... but then school went virtual for the week. Ha. Can’t win them all!  So on Monday, Kevin came home early and the four of us loaded up and we told her we had a surprise  but we needed to stop by school to pick up a school work packet first (which we didn’t). Well, she spotted it from afar! It was so cute and Kevin got it on video! 

She was soooo excited. And didn't Rachel Woodhouse Illustration do the best job on this?! I sent her an inspiration picture and she brought it right to life! Find her on FB if you’re around Charlotte! (Molly Anne is in pink below but hard to see with the sun)

A few things about our Molly Anne:

1. She is spunky, outgoing, never met a stranger, caring, loving to all and the best big sister!

2. She has the best memory and won’t let you forget anything!

3. Reading has become something she loves and is really good at doing! 

4.  Kindergarten has been amazing for her and she LOVES it. I wrangled over that decision for weeks but ultimately I’m glad we sent her versus holding her back. 

5. Girlfriend loves playing outside and is a pro scooter rider and bike rider! Lately she’s been picking up the lacrosse sticks and asking me to play with her. Y’all know I love when she does that!

6. We wrapped up swim lessons at the end of the year but she’s still very into her tumbling and jazz classes!  She’s also enjoying playing tennis at our club.

7. She will eat pretty much anything you give her, minus salmon as we found out on Monday. Ha! We have veggie eating competitions often and she will take you up on that. She is competitive! Zero clue where she gets that from. ;)

8. She loves dresses, jewelry, makeup, legos, building things, STEM stuff, unicorns, rainbows, Jojo siwa and collecting all of the things like her Daddy!

9. She sleeps from 7pm-7am like clockwork unless she’s in school and then it’s 6:30pm-6:30am. Occasionally she will still take a nap but maybe only once a week or once every two if she’s had a busy week or something.  I’m still a big fan of quiet time in her room reading. Good mental downtime for her and good break for everyone!

10. She is always up for a shopping trip and loves to buy all of the things! 

I’m thankful for her loving heart, her sweet spirit and how amazing she is with Grady! She’s a dream come true and we love her dearly!

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