Monday, January 18, 2021

Croupy Weekend

It wasn’t the most fun weekend. Grady had croup strike about 9:45pm on Saturday might and it was maybe the worst yet. I knew we were going to the ER but somehow avoided it. It was awful even with the decadron. We drove around for an hour at 10:15pm. That calmed him and gave him the cool breeze he needed. I’ve never once slept with either of my children except in a hotel but I slept with him Saturday night. Well I watched him breathe and looked at his finger nails but yeah. Poor boy. 

Blue day at Grady’s school on Friday! Grady’s shirt is from Honey Bees Tees. Molly Anne’s fun sweatshirt is from Athleta but I didn’t see it on their website anymore. 

Friday physical education class! We had fun walking Mills! 

She’s too cute...I know I’m biased. We had such a nice day on Friday with no electronics and hours of legos. She’s so good with no sugar and no electronics. 

The crew on Friday night! We had a spontaneous night of nachos and hanging out!

More legos on Saturday morning. She did Andrea’s Pool Party and finished all 468 pieces that morning. Wild lego child! I love that she loves them!

Saturday night we headed to dinner at our club with Kevin’s parents. The kids were wild, the food was blah and I didn’t love being in public bc of how it was with covid so it wasn’t the most relaxing meal in the world. Still was nice to not cook!

Then the croup episode happened. On the porch trying to get his breathing under tow. Had to resort to the car breeze though. 

Sunday we did nothing. Molly Anne and I walked Mills but otherwise the kids both stayed in pajamas all day and Grady and I took long naps. Sometimes you just need a day like that. Today both of their schools are closed but my office is open so I’ll be winging it. Always good times friends!  Chat soon. 

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