Tuesday, January 5, 2021

New Bookshelves and New Playroom Organization

I’m feeling very inspired these days and have a lot of posts coming up from furniture to books to recipes! I’m excited! 

How cute is this top I scored on the Lilly sale for 65% off?! So fun and can't wait to wear it and go out in public somewhere!!


Two things:
1. New Bookshelf Decorating
2. New Playroom Organization

When Mom was here I always go nuts rearranging and organizing! She inspires me to change things up! I was on a big declutter kick so here are our pretty bookshelves with a lot fewer things!


Playroom organization:

We purged big time before Christmas and gave away toys that they don't play with and/or have grown out of.  After Christmas in my clean up mode, we wanted our dining room back from the virtual learning that had taken place in there.  And also, the bookshelves in their rooms that Dad made them were overflowing so I wanted some extra places to put books. 

This little project solved both of those items.

First, we got this bookshelf from Target drive up and added these little baskets I got at the same time.  My Dad put it together and I think it was pretty easy...minus trimming the cardboard that gets nailed to the back of four of the cubes. They expect you to alternate them top and bottom so they're sized that way instead of putting them four across.  I like the more streamlined look of all of the same on top and then on bottom. So my Dad cut each once to size so the books don't hit our navy paint on the wall! It looks good doesn't it?! Easy project and made such a difference for us! Note: you don't have to cut the cardboard or even use it if you don't want to do that!

This table has been a work in progress for about a year.  I found it (and 6 chairs) on the side of the road in my neighborhood on a Sunday night which means they were out for trash.  I happened to know the lady whose house it was so I texted her and asked her if they were really throwing away a Pottery Barn Kids craft table or not.  She said they were and to come get it if I wanted it!  Done.  It sat upstairs for about 6 months until last summer when I painted it.  Then it sat upstairs on the 3rd floor for some more time because I was going to paint the chairs.  After I did the table, there was no way I was doing the chairs with all of that detail!  I'm not crafty! Honestly the chairs look fine with it the way they are.

Anyway!  My parents gave the kids an acrylic mat that goes on the table top and the project is done and in the playroom to use!  Molly Anne loves it and I bet Grady will bypass his tractors one day and do some crafts on it too!  This is the table and the mat is in that same link at the bottom - craft mat.

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  1. Looks fantastic!! I am on a mission to take back our dining room table too! Our new playroom rug is being delivered today and I can't wait!!