Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Molly Anne finds

Honestly trying to stay afloat this week but things are moving in the right direction. 

I had about 10 minutes to run into Target to grab some color catching sheets.  PS if you don't use these, you're missing out.  They make it so colors don't blend together and you can put darks and lights in the same load.  Mom, please don't cringe!  Shout out to Christine for saving me A LOT of time!  Find them near the dryer sheets and laundry stain removers. 

Anyway, I scooted by the girls section and found some chill things for Molly Anne to wear with some cooler weather.  This tee is thicker and so soft but won't be hot.  I want it in my size!  She loves it.  Figured she can pop this on over her leotard after tumbling or wear with the leggings below!

Our store had these leggings in navy and they'll be nice for biking and playing on the weekends!

And I grabbed the last white skort at our store for her too!  She has this in navy and it's so cute on the tennis court!  

I need to check on the status of her jacket for this Fall and make sure it still fits her but if it doesn't, I'll be grabbing this one.  I saw it in the store and it's awesome for the price!  I've learned my lesson with waiting too long to get a winter coat before.  I think Grady's will still fit him from last year!  

Monday, September 28, 2020

Friday night, Winery/Out, Grady's New School Picture

Well, here we are.  Another weekend gone and back to Monday.  Molly Anne is off school today so she will be working with me. Should be exciting, let me tell ya!

This is Friday morning on our way to take Grady to school and then come back home and work on the letter Z and some math!

Lunch outside with her best buddy.  He was resting his hoover on her leg.  

Friday night next door is always a good time!  We ordered mexican food via door dash and ate on the back of the golf cart!  Why not right?!

 A little @drinkmoorecocktails spritzer by the fire with good friends was just what was needed!  

Her new Fall flavors are DELISH.  

Saturday morning was soccer for Grady, tennis for Molly Anne and I ran while she played! Knocked out a couple birds with one stone.  

Came home, everyone took naps but me because I got a real shower and did my hair!  

Bella came over to keep the kids and we went out with Brad and Shauna. They invited us to a wine tasting at Kefi Winery near Monroe.  It was in the middle of nowhere but super cute and we had the best time talking with the owner!  Make sure to make a reservation because they're only allowing a certain number of people in now.  Check out this charcuterie board she made us!

We liked the bianca white and the aglianico red!

The light fixture behind us is made out of some of their vines.  How amazing is that?!

Then we drove over to The Wagon Wheel for a later dinner in Fort Lawn, SC.  This plate of ranch dipping cups says it all.  Fried squash with ranch, salad bar and steaks. We were stuffed when we left there!  We dropped Brad and Shauna off then randomly stopped by Kevin's parents to say hey for a little bit! 

Sunday was our catch up day from the week and get ready for the new week day!  I had to retake these pictures because he got new teachers and you know how I am...I had to have the correct teachers on there for the comparison picture at the end of the school year!

Their pediatrician had a flu clinic on Sunday afternoon and a 3pm appointment for them both so we scooted over there and did that.  It was so easy.  They gave them the shots in their car seats.  We didn't even have to get out!  Molly Anne told Grady that she was going to brave and not cry and he should do the same.  But she said she would rub his back and hold his hand.  She told him all kinds of things but he still cried.  Bless his little two year old heart.  Maybe next year.  I think 3 is when Molly Anne didn't cry anymore with flu shots so I bet Grady will too!

Every year we go to the pool on the last day it's open for the summer but it was too cold yesterday and overcast.  The pool HAD to be cold!  So this was our last day of the pool picture from the golf cart!

Friday, September 25, 2020

Five on Friday

I really don’t have anything magnificent to discuss today because I’m slammed at work, at home with some stuff Kevin and I have going on and ya know regular life. ...Not that anything I ever talk about on here is magnificent!!

1. Little buddies before school on Tuesday!

2.  Construction site visit for work at a big project I have going on at the airport!  I’d show you some other pictures but it’s possibly semi geeky! 

3.  Julia was home from college and stopped by to see us on Wednesday!  That was a big treat!

4.  Grady’s teachers are the sweetest!  I don’t know that I ever addressed it on here but he moved to the class next door kinda without me initiating it but it worked out best for everyone. We LOVE Ms. Wendy and Ms. Sue and Grady knew Wendy from last year and it’s a match made in heaven for us all!  I’m so so so thrilled with everything and nothing makes mama happier!

5.  Girl’s night at Peppervine!  Such a treat!

Happy Friday from our crew to yours!

Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Target and Molly Anne

When you get your hair cut by @andreaiveyhair and a new Target sweatshirt with puff sleeves on the same document it!  Make sure you get your circle savings 20% off!  Thanks to @nashvilletash for the heads up on this one!

And this one too.  Perfect to throw on for carpool or after a workout to look semi put together!  Comes in 6 colors! 

My excited little Kindergartner yesterday will love...

this twirly rainbow dress that we will be receiving any day!  $8!

I had to order a new pair of shoes for her yesterday because she had to squeeze her tootsies in these size 10s for school!  I wasn’t prepared for the cool weather!  These always hold up well and they go with everything she wears. 

I think this is the third pair of the same style and color that I’ve gotten her over the years?  I don’t buy my kids a bunch of shoes, instead I get them a pair or two of good ones for each season and move on. Molly Anne had one pair of natives all summer long! Unless they grow like Grady did this summer and you have to get three pairs of navy natives and three pairs of red See Kai Runs! Growing boy!

Monday, September 21, 2020

Driveway Night and Emme's Birthday Party!

Friday night playing in the driveway with neighbors that rolled on by. Love impromptu nights like this. 

Hilary made an amazing charcuterie board that I should have snapped a picture of and I made some nachos.  We shall always remember these driveway afternoons when our kids are grown. These are the days. 

We made a fire on the back porch and had smores. Grady downed his!

The three girls stayed up until after 11 which was insane!!!  I don’t know what we were thinking!

We had a late night dance party!

Saturday morning, Molly Anne laid low with Kevin and I took Grady to soccer. And guess what?!  He played this week!  My friend Brittany and her husband John got him out there and then he never looked back!

High fives with Neyland!

Molly Anne and I golf carted over to Emme's 5th birthday party!  It was a princess tea party themed and Margot never leaves one detail out of birthday parties, let me tell ya!  It was so precious and all of the children had a blast.  Aurora even stopped by for a visit which was extra special!

This is the dress I have on in the picture above but in a different pattern.  It was SO comfortable and the perfect fall transition dress.  I could wear it with booties, boots or dress it up with heels.  It'll be on repeat for sure.  I love this print that they have now!

Happy Birthday sweet Emme!!!

Oh we had a big time Saturday night.  While Kevin put the kids to bed, I went to the grocery store and actually went in to shop!  I hadn't been in the store since one time in March and before that it had probably been a year.  I've always been a grocery pick up girl since Molly Anne was born mainly because it would take away time on the weekends with her.  And with working, I wanted to spend every waking moment with her.  Also, the reason all of the girls nights I went on, I'd never go until the kids were in bed. I'm a tad more lenient with all of that now that I've gotten LOTS of time with them and  it's good for Kevin to have that time with them, without me! ;)

We didn’t do anything Sunday except clean up in and out of the house. I cleaned inside while the kids entertained themselves and Kevin cleaned the whole garage out and rearranged his workshop out there. The kids and I napped then we all played outside in the driveway. We retreated out back for a fire and to grill kabobs for dinner. Nice little Sunday! 

Molly Anne pushing Grady on his swing.  Kevin and I on the porch with a fire and listening to music while dinner cooked.  Perfect weather.

I scooted out for a run after the kids were in bed and then got ready for the week!  I even get my hair cut today during lunch woohoo!  Hope your weekend was relaxing!