Monday, September 28, 2020

Friday night, Winery/Out, Grady's New School Picture

Well, here we are.  Another weekend gone and back to Monday.  Molly Anne is off school today so she will be working with me. Should be exciting, let me tell ya!

This is Friday morning on our way to take Grady to school and then come back home and work on the letter Z and some math!

Lunch outside with her best buddy.  He was resting his hoover on her leg.  

Friday night next door is always a good time!  We ordered mexican food via door dash and ate on the back of the golf cart!  Why not right?!

 A little @drinkmoorecocktails spritzer by the fire with good friends was just what was needed!  

Her new Fall flavors are DELISH.  

Saturday morning was soccer for Grady, tennis for Molly Anne and I ran while she played! Knocked out a couple birds with one stone.  

Came home, everyone took naps but me because I got a real shower and did my hair!  

Bella came over to keep the kids and we went out with Brad and Shauna. They invited us to a wine tasting at Kefi Winery near Monroe.  It was in the middle of nowhere but super cute and we had the best time talking with the owner!  Make sure to make a reservation because they're only allowing a certain number of people in now.  Check out this charcuterie board she made us!

We liked the bianca white and the aglianico red!

The light fixture behind us is made out of some of their vines.  How amazing is that?!

Then we drove over to The Wagon Wheel for a later dinner in Fort Lawn, SC.  This plate of ranch dipping cups says it all.  Fried squash with ranch, salad bar and steaks. We were stuffed when we left there!  We dropped Brad and Shauna off then randomly stopped by Kevin's parents to say hey for a little bit! 

Sunday was our catch up day from the week and get ready for the new week day!  I had to retake these pictures because he got new teachers and you know how I am...I had to have the correct teachers on there for the comparison picture at the end of the school year!

Their pediatrician had a flu clinic on Sunday afternoon and a 3pm appointment for them both so we scooted over there and did that.  It was so easy.  They gave them the shots in their car seats.  We didn't even have to get out!  Molly Anne told Grady that she was going to brave and not cry and he should do the same.  But she said she would rub his back and hold his hand.  She told him all kinds of things but he still cried.  Bless his little two year old heart.  Maybe next year.  I think 3 is when Molly Anne didn't cry anymore with flu shots so I bet Grady will too!

Every year we go to the pool on the last day it's open for the summer but it was too cold yesterday and overcast.  The pool HAD to be cold!  So this was our last day of the pool picture from the golf cart!

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