Friday, September 25, 2020

Five on Friday

I really don’t have anything magnificent to discuss today because I’m slammed at work, at home with some stuff Kevin and I have going on and ya know regular life. ...Not that anything I ever talk about on here is magnificent!!

1. Little buddies before school on Tuesday!

2.  Construction site visit for work at a big project I have going on at the airport!  I’d show you some other pictures but it’s possibly semi geeky! 

3.  Julia was home from college and stopped by to see us on Wednesday!  That was a big treat!

4.  Grady’s teachers are the sweetest!  I don’t know that I ever addressed it on here but he moved to the class next door kinda without me initiating it but it worked out best for everyone. We LOVE Ms. Wendy and Ms. Sue and Grady knew Wendy from last year and it’s a match made in heaven for us all!  I’m so so so thrilled with everything and nothing makes mama happier!

5.  Girl’s night at Peppervine!  Such a treat!

Happy Friday from our crew to yours!

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