Wednesday, September 2, 2020


I have read all of the mom FB groups about which masks are the best for children to wear all day at school and these Athleta ones were a top choice. And I can see why. 

They’re so comfortable and can be adjusted. Molly Anne said it’s way cooler than the cotton Lilly one she has (it wasn’t the one from the Lilly website, it was from a neighbor).  She also is still loving her rainbow gaiter but she’s required to have a back up mask at school. These come in two different packs of colorways and I chose the below pack, mainly so Grady can use the blue one and I knew she would love the pink!

And big news - they even have the women’s version in stock right now which hasn’t happened in awhile!  Hmmmm I may have to order them!

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  1. My youngest son (who is the size of an adult) pretty much stole my Athleta masks. He says they’re the most breathable!