Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Books, Dinner

Today is the last day of the Lilly sale! What did you all scoop up?  They’ve added more to the sale this morning so check it out! I grabbed Molly Anne three shifts for next summer and one 3/4 sleeve dress for this Fall. I was able to get the Margot dress in the same print as one of her shifts for next year so she will love matching me!  She’s so into that and I know it won’t last forever so I need to soak it up!

A few random things today:

1.  Molly Anne is working on reading so much and we are going through books like crazy. We stopped by Barnes and Noble the other day and grabbed these!  She loves some Pinkalicious!!

2.  I cooked a real dinner last night. Salmon with salt and pepper cooked at 400 degrees for 16 min!  Boiled the corn for 10 min and put butter and old bay on it. Roasted the broccoli with a little olive oil spray and everything but bagel seasoning, for the same time as the salmon. Sprinkled a tiny bit of cheese on it when it came out so the kids would eat it! I was so proud of them - they tried everything!  Oh I have them some mango too. 

3.  Molly Anne in action doing her school work!

4.  Rides to school just Grady and I. I treasure these drives and I’m glad I’ve gotten them with each child individually. We talk about so much! 

Happy Tuesday!

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