Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Labor Day Weekend

Well hello everyone!  Hope everyone had a nice Labor Day weekend!  We were in town and did some fun things!  

Friday night our club had live music on their back lawn and that's always a fun time!  The kids love to run around and play then dance when the music comes on!

Photo by Molly Anne!

Saturday morning my friend Whitney had asked if I wanted to do a Spin and Sip class at the club!  It was put on by the spin studio called Ride or Die and it was a beat based workout and super fun.  Afterward, they had a mimosa bar set up.  Kevin ran the kids all over while I did that.  Molly Anne had tennis that morning too. 

Saturday afternoon we had some old friends over that we hadn't seen in forever!  My friend Courtney, her husband and two girls!  There's no better time to get your house in order than before friends come over.  So we ran around nuts Saturday getting things straight. I planted some new flowers in our planter box that I'll have to snap a picture of.  A little fall flavor.  

Put together some super easy appetizers!  Kevin grabbed BBQ from City BBQ and we had some sides to go with that.  

We had a fire then the girls did smores - it was nice! 

Sunday afternoon hanging next door - with the monster truck!  This truck is huge.  It looks big in the pictures but it's bigger than you think!

Celebrated Kellie's birthday out back with great friends!

See Molly Anne peaking out of the window!  She got to go for a ride after Grady and I did!

See how big that thing is?!

We went to breakfast at Le Peep because our cleaning ladies came and we needed to be out of the house.  We drove around afterwards thinking about what to do with our old house and looking at some other real estate.  Then we went back over to the club for a labor day cookout with Kevin's parents and then to the neighborhood pool!  Molly Anne actually had swim lessons yesterday afternoon too so Kevin took her there while I got some things done! 

Busy and fun weekend!  We had some chill time in there too!  Early bedtimes last night for sure!!

Back to the grind for a short week!  This week Molly Anne starts jazz and tumbling and Grady starts soccer!  

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