Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Avett Brothers Drive In Concert

Well happy September 1st!  Crazy!  

Our friends Brad and Shauna were able to score a parking space for the Avett Brothers drive in concert on Saturday night, to celebrate Brad's birthday!  They invited us an another couple...both of the guys were in our wedding!  

So I guess this is our new way to watch concerts.  It seemed semi normal but was oddly quiet at times I guess because everyone was so spread out.  They had real bathrooms in the infield at Charlotte Motor Speedway so that was helpful...aka we didn't have to use porta potties!  And there were hardly any people in them so it was easy to social distance!

It was a fun night with dear friends!  

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  1. How wild to see a concert that way! Still really cool that you were able to get out and do something "normal"!