Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Molly Anne finds

Honestly trying to stay afloat this week but things are moving in the right direction. 

I had about 10 minutes to run into Target to grab some color catching sheets.  PS if you don't use these, you're missing out.  They make it so colors don't blend together and you can put darks and lights in the same load.  Mom, please don't cringe!  Shout out to Christine for saving me A LOT of time!  Find them near the dryer sheets and laundry stain removers. 

Anyway, I scooted by the girls section and found some chill things for Molly Anne to wear with some cooler weather.  This tee is thicker and so soft but won't be hot.  I want it in my size!  She loves it.  Figured she can pop this on over her leotard after tumbling or wear with the leggings below!

Our store had these leggings in navy and they'll be nice for biking and playing on the weekends!

And I grabbed the last white skort at our store for her too!  She has this in navy and it's so cute on the tennis court!  

I need to check on the status of her jacket for this Fall and make sure it still fits her but if it doesn't, I'll be grabbing this one.  I saw it in the store and it's awesome for the price!  I've learned my lesson with waiting too long to get a winter coat before.  I think Grady's will still fit him from last year!  

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