Wednesday, September 16, 2020

This Week

This week has been a zoo.  I'm crazy at work and got a couple new projects to work on when I already had a lot on my plate.  

1. Grady has croup.  He hasn't had any fever or anything so he could have been at school but I've kept him home anyway. Sometimes you need to be home.  But that has thrown me for a loop with my work this week.  In addition to having my home schooler at home! ;)  

2. Some of you may have seen the news articles about Andy Banks that went to sell his range rover in Raleigh and hasn't been heard from since.  They arrested someone in connection but Andy is still missing.  I'm just so sad for his family.  He was one of my buddies from NC State and was in the fraternity that we hung out with all of the time.  I hope there is good news that comes out of this but so far it doesn't look like it. 

3. I've been working on a couple of room mom duties this week - one of Grady's teachers birthdays and one of Molly Anne's teachers birthdays are coming up in the next week!

4. A random thing I remembered a few weeks ago is to have last years teachers sign the kid's Oh The Places You'll Go books.  Since we all left school so quickly in March, I never had it done!  So, don't forget to get their teachers to sign your kid's books if you do this little tradition!

5. ACM Awards are tonight and I always love a country music awards show!

6. Got a good run in on Sunday morning, a Peloton ride in Monday night after the kids were in bed and I walked about 2 hours yesterday while pushing Grady in his stroller and I did conference calls.  I always feel much better when I have some exercise going on!  Today I'm planning to do some weights, probably when I watch the ACM Awards.  Gotta fit it in when ya can. 

7. The air is much cooler this morning in Charlotte and that's always so refreshing when the weather starts to turn for the season!  

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  1. I nearly had to grab a jacket this morning! I mean :) it was like, 75, ha!