Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Target and Molly Anne

When you get your hair cut by @andreaiveyhair and a new Target sweatshirt with puff sleeves on the same day...you document it!  Make sure you get your circle savings 20% off!  Thanks to @nashvilletash for the heads up on this one!

And this one too.  Perfect to throw on for carpool or after a workout to look semi put together!  Comes in 6 colors! 

My excited little Kindergartner yesterday will love...

this twirly rainbow dress that we will be receiving any day!  $8!

I had to order a new pair of shoes for her yesterday because she had to squeeze her tootsies in these size 10s for school!  I wasn’t prepared for the cool weather!  These always hold up well and they go with everything she wears. 

I think this is the third pair of the same style and color that I’ve gotten her over the years?  I don’t buy my kids a bunch of shoes, instead I get them a pair or two of good ones for each season and move on. Molly Anne had one pair of natives all summer long! Unless they grow like Grady did this summer and you have to get three pairs of navy natives and three pairs of red See Kai Runs! Growing boy!


  1. I just bought my little boy two pairs of SKR shoes yesterday! We did a brown leather pair and the red pair. I may go back and go ahead and buy the next size up too.

  2. I bought my little boy two pairs of SKR shoes yesterday-leather and red! I may go back for the next size up too. They are great!