Friday, June 29, 2018

Five on Friday - Shirt, Mills, Eye Shadow, Smoothie, Children

This shirt.  I told yall had I it in blue and green.  I'm going to order the white today.  And maybe the black.  I have found myself trying to wear the blue or green one every day.  It is so comfortable and versatile.  And it washes well and doesn't shrink in the dryer.  In case you were wondering about the underwear situation...I do wear a regular bra with it and just put the straps in towards my neck a little more than usual.  You can of course wear strapless or also a sports bra.  Tuck into a pencil skirt for work or wear with shorts like I've been doing since I've been on maternity leave.

Mills.  Found him in the pantry on Tuesday night during a thunderstorm.  He goes in there a lot during a storm but this is the first time I found him ON THE SHELF!  Yall - he's 95 pounds!  Imagine him getting out of there.  It was a sight to see. I lifted him out backwards!!!  He's a wimpy boy!


I recently bought this Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick in color Nectar which I'm obsessed with for Summer and it came with a free gift which happened to be this Shadow Stick in color Golden Pink.  I have really enjoyed using this eye shadow!  I never use the free samples or gifts you get with things but this one has me sold on buying the full size when this is finished which seems like it'll take forever.  It is so easy to put on (no brush required!) and stays on all day.  I tested out some colors while I was at the mall the other day.  Golden Pink seems most standard for everyone's skin tone.  Truffle is next on my list.  

Anyone bought these for their children?  Molly Anne LOVES them!  They come in a six pack and Molly Anne has two at a time.  I get them at our local grocery - Harris Teeter.  Highly recommend!

This is what these two have been up to this week!  

Cinderella finally rode her jeep that Santa brought her!

Sleep eat sleep eat!

Hope everyone has a nice weekend!  I'm going to Luke Bryan tonight and will be celebrating the birthday girl tomorrow!

Thursday, June 28, 2018

A Grady Update

I'm going to be honest.  Monday was ROUGH.  All Grady did was cry and I couldn't figure out how to calm him other than get in the car and drive around.  Which I did!  I did that last Friday night during the "witching hour" of 7:30-8:30pm.  The hour before we start the bedtime routine.  But Monday it was all day and I was exhausted and felt so defeated.  

He must have gotten the memo because that night he slept from 9:15-1:15 and then didn't get up until 6:30am.  Tuesday night he slept from 9:15 until 3:30 then got up at 6:30.  Finally he only got up once at night.  I'm writing this post on Wednesday so I'm not sure what he will do tonight but Jenn our night nurse is coming so I hope if he has to pick a night to get up twice, it'll be tonight, haha!  

I do think that newborns are a puzzle that you have to figure out.  What formula, how much, what swaddle, how to burp, how often to burp, learning their cries, everything is ever changing too.  And the more they sleep the more they sleep.  But gah, it's hard yall!  

He's probably a little over 11 pounds judging by holding him on our scale.  He is eating really well and a lot.  He's getting easier to burp...I literally have spent hours burping him in the middle of the night.  I keep re-reading Moms on Call in my desperate hours of 3am!  Mom'ing at it's finest.  I'm also being a crazy person about making sure he doesn't get a flat head like Molly Anne.  She had the torticollis which made hers happen but I'm hoping to be on top of all that this time.  

My Mom has heard the brunt of it all and checks in with me every day, a few times a day.  My friend Sarah has heard about every time I've let him cry a little bit.  Just because I felt the need to tell someone that he had a clean diaper, had been fed and burped and I was letting him cry for a little bit.  That has resulted in more sleep, by the way.  She's also the one that when I showed up at her house last Friday night at 7:45pm that poured me a glass of wine and gave me a new swing to take home to try!  And Ms. Becky gave me some amazing tips (and another swing, long story!) on Monday afternoon when my voice was cackling talking about how bad of a day it had been.  

We went to my office on Tuesday for a few hours then to the mall for another hour or two.  It was good to do all of that!  I also got to make a meal for a friend this week which felt normal.  I sold a bunch of Molly Anne's clothes on a local Charlotte mom group on Facebook.  My friend Lisa visited yesterday during the day and my friend Kimmy last night.  I've stayed pretty busy this week.  

That's what is going on around here!  Sweet little Grady is precious and Molly Anne is LOVING being a big sister.  She has been an angel lately and has been so agreeable.  I hope all of this continues! ;)

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

3rd Birthday Gifts

Molly Anne's 3rd Birthday is next Wednesday, July 4th!  I cannot even believe she will be 3!  Thought it'd be fun to round up what we are getting her for her birthday in case you're looking for a 3 year old girl birthday gift anytime soon!

In no particular order!  Yes, she's very into My Little Pony right now! 

My Little Pony Necklace Activity - you'll see in this post that she's into jewelry and being a princess!

Dollhouse (which I need to put together in the next my spare time ha!) - this will go in her playroom and all of the reviews say they will play with this for years and years to come!  I hope so!  

Rainbow Dash Undersea - ANYTHING Rainbow Dash she is into!  

Necklace - I saw this the other day and HAD to get it for her.  She will feel so special to get to wear a fun necklace for the first time!  

Flamingo Bracelet - they didn't have this in the store but I'm getting this for her.  She is very into flamingos and even Grady got her one that I posted about a few weeks ago!  She will freak over this!

Hair Ties - too bad she just got her hair cut because these would have been adorable for a pony tail!

Tassel Bracelet - how fun right?  

My parents are getting her a bike!  They got it from the same place we got our bikes as children so it'll be extra special.  We are going to Maryland soon so we'll bring it back with us.  I'm taking her helmet so she can ride it while we are up there!  

And no 3rd birthday is complete without an Elsa cupcake on an Elsa plate because that's all she told us she wants for birthday.  Adorable right?!  She doesn't even know what toys to tell us she wants but I know she will be thrilled with all of these things!  Now, I need to go find time to put that dollhouse together!  ;)

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Recipe: Katie’s Famous Chicken Pot Pie

My friend Katie makes THE BEST chicken pot pie. She’s known in our group of friends for it and all of our children even love it!  Veggies and a protein in one dish = a parenting win.  She shared her recipe with me and I’m glad I have this on the ole blog permanently! 


Katie’s Chicken Pot Pie

Refrigerated pie crust (ain’t nobody got time for homemade)

1/3 cup butter
1/3 cup yellow onion, diced
1/3 cup carrots, diced
1/3 cup celery, diced 
1/3 cup of flour 
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/4 teaspoon pepper
1 3/4 cup of chicken broth 
2 chicken bouillon cubes (don’t skip this step, it makes it extra flavorful)
1/2 cup of milk 
2 1/2 cups of shredded chicken or turkey
1/3 cup frozen peas
1/3 cup frozen or fresh corn 

Heat oven to 425

In large saucepan, melt butter over medium heat. Add onions, carrots, celery, and bouillon. Cook until the carrots are tender & the onions are translucent. About 4-6 mins.

Stir in flour, salt, & pepper. Mix until all the flour has been absorbed by the butter.

Slowly pour in the milk & broth. Stir until thick & bubbly. About 2 mins.

Stir in peas, corn, and chicken. Mixing to combine. Remove from heat.

In a 9 inch pie pan, roll dough out and press slighting onto bottom/sides. Then carefully spoon chicken filling into the pie pan. Top with the remaining dough. Seal edge & flute with your fingers. Cut slits in several places on top crust to vent.

Bake for 30-40 mins until bottom crust is finished. You may need to cover the edge of the top crust to prevent excessive browning.

Wait 5 minutes before serving. 

Monday, June 25, 2018

Weekend and Haircut

This is how this weekend went down:

Friday night - birthday dinner for Kevin's brother's 40th.  I didn't take any pictures but Kevin took this one!  It also happened to be Nana's birthday that day! 

Saturday morning I took Molly Anne to Modern Salon and Spa to get her haircut! 

Her facial expressions were priceless but she sat right up there and didn't make a peep.  I was shocked she didn't tell Kristina about her rainbow dash panties! ;)  

A new little girl after taking a couple inches off!  They always do such a good job on her hair and she loves going there.  All of the young girls that work there ogle over her!  It's adorable! 

Kristina blew it out this time which was extra special and it looked so good!

Meanwhile this boy hung with Daddy!  

My friend Lisa brought us dinner!

Saturday night we swam next door and hit the bed after Grady went to sleep (around 9:15 these days).  

Oh on Saturday I made shrimp salad.  I sautéed shrimp in a little butter with salt and pepper.  Used a bag of broccoli slaw and added diced red onion, mayo, red wine vinegar, Dijon mustard and lots of old bay. It was good and I have some leftover for the week!  It took me maybe five minutes to make!

Sunday we didn’t do anything. Majorly lazy!  I did some work that morning (for my regular work work!).  Molly Anne did go ride her Jeep after nap but it’s been too hot to even be outside.  

We wrapped up the weekend with sushi that Kevin went and picked up from 18 Sushi down the road. 

We spend most evenings from 7:30-8:30 outside like this because that witching hour is for real y’all!  Gah!  Like Molly Anne did, this boy loves being outside.  

You know this furry boy is right next to us at all times!

Hope everyone had a nice weekend! 

Friday, June 22, 2018


Here’s some randomness:

1.  I wish blogger would fix their commenting so I get emails and can reply to your comments. I’ve seen other bloggers are having the same issue with no way to fix it.  I’m sorry I haven’t been able to respond via email as usual!

2.  The summer I had Molly Anne, I was at the mall constantly just to get out of the house and have somewhere cool to go. This time I have been once.  I have so much other stuff going on especially with Molly Anne.  And somehow the days fly by.  I think I’m spending half my life these days burping Grady. He takes forever to burp and has to often or he will spit up.  

3.  I miss being at my office and seeing everyone there.  I need to get by, take Grady and see the crew.  

4.  We had another punchlist walk with our builder yesterday. To say I’m over this house is an understatement.  Don’t build a house!

5.  I have so many friends that have had babies in the last 30-60 days, I feel like we should have a group text to keep us entertained in the middle of the night! 

6.  We haven’t bought Grady any furniture except a changing table which is temporary.  We need to get him a dresser because I’m only using his closet now and it’s a mess.  White or brown for this?  Leaning towards brown!

7.  Next week our meal train ends and I am actually going to have to cook.  Gasp!  It’s been too hot to cook.  I did grill burgers one day this week and they tasted good but whoa, it was hot doing that.  

8.  I saved some Christmas gift cards from J.Crew and I really want to get a few things.  I haven’t felt motivated to buy anything new.  Maybe I will before I go back to work.  

9.  Speaking of something I do want - a Peloton.  So badly. I’ve wanted it for over a year now.  Maybe some day. I’d be using it daily right now if I had it since I can’t get outside with Grady because of the heat.  

10.  Mills got his hair cut this week.  It’s always an adventure taking that wild animal into his salon with a child in tow.  I have it down to a science though as long as he acts somewhat normal.  Also, I had to take Molly Anne’s car seat out so he could fit in my car.  She was at Becky’s of course so it was fine.  

Yep a bunch of random for you on this Friday.  Hope everyone has a nice weekend!

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Just some pictures

Boys can wear Lilly too! ;) My MOH gave Grady these adorable Lilly for PBK swaddles and I think they are precious!  

My friend Katie gave Grady these adorable loafers which happen to look exactly like Kevin’s!  Ahh can you even?!  They look like they’re on the wrong foot but they aren’t!  He just has to grow into them!

Tummy time! 

Assisted by Princess Molly Anne!

Zero personal space around this house these days!


The witching hour hangout on the porch!  Molly Anne always wanted to be outside too!  

He has “filled out” quite a bit this week and even has rolls now!  He’s 6 weeks yesterday.  Cannot believe that!  

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Toddler Shades

Can you even stand how cute these shades are that I got for Molly Anne!  She needed some sunglasses that weren't for a baby!  She only had the babiators so these are her "toddler" upgrade!  Yep, she's cool! ;)

Find them here for $12!

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Father’s Day Weekend

My goodness I have a lot to write about today.  We had a really nice weekend and even got to go out with a couple other couples which was a HUGE treat.  Okay let's get to it.  

Ms. Becky made us dinner on Thursday night - shrimp salad, fruit salad and pasta salad.  And she sent home chicken bites for Molly Anne - her favorite.  Oh and she also made this chocolate tort that is amazingggg.  But I loved all of these salads because they were so fresh and cool for the summer!  I ate off of them for a few days!  I can tell why Molly Anne eats everything Ms. Becky makes for her...she knows how to cook, unlike this Mama!

How adorable is this unicorn nightlight?!!  I ordered it for Molly Anne's room and sent hers to Grady's room!  She thinks it is really special when she gets something new right now and Grady doesn't know he's getting the old/gender neutral stuff ha!  

I've been trying to find a baby carrier to wear so I can go places with both children (don't have a double stroller yet) and so I can wear him around the house.  I tried the K'tan in literally sizes Large, Medium and Small in that order and I think I needed in between a Small and Medium.  First time in my life I've needed a small anything haha.  Plus, I just didn't feel like he was entirely secure in there.  I tried my friend's Boba carrier and loved it and it's perfect for what I need.  I wanted something for Infant size up to a Toddler.  Also, Kevin can wear it too because it's adjustable.  

Sleeping angel.

Friday nights next door is our favorite tradition!  We had a little dance party with lollipops! 

Saturday morning the four of us went to the neighborhood pool and were the only people there for most of the time which was so nice!

Her suit is Little English and the cutest thing ever.  

Saturday afternoon we went to Addi's 2nd birthday party and it was water themed!

They had all of these pools, a sprinkler and other toys set up out back in the shade!  

We rushed home to Kevin's family at the house and Kendall finally got to meet Grady!  Kendall is Kevin's brother's little girl!

Kevin's parents kept the children while we got to go to a few new places.  We hadn't been out in the longest time and this was such a treat.  

Wearing my favorite Lilly dress (similar) that is perfect for every occasion!  You can dress it up or down and is cool for hot summer nights!

Sunday for Fathers Day brunch, Molly Anne and I were matchy matchy in our Lilly dresses and shoes.  My shoes //  Her shoes

Love her beyond.

I stole Annie's idea of getting your child to use Sharpies and color all over golf balls!  We ordered Kevin's Dad's favorite golf balls from Amazon and Molly Anne went to town one afternoon!  It was a fun and easy idea!

Father's Day afternoon we went to our neighborhood pool with Kendall!

Yesterday Grady and I went to Concord to see my Matron of Honor who was in town to go to Great Wolf Lodge.  I loved loved loved getting to see her family and I was so happy Grady got to meet her!  xo

Happy Tuesday!