Monday, June 11, 2018

Grady is One Month

Grady turned one month on Saturday!  

We go to the doctor today for his one month well check.  Update - he is 9 pounds, 14.8 ounces (50th percentile), 21.5" (50th percentile) and head circumference is is 36 cm (10-15 percentile).  He’s wearing newborn diapers until we run out of what we have then he will be onto size 1.  He’s wearing 0-3 month things and some newborn gowns still.  

Gah, he's soooooooo sweet yall!   Molly Anne was sweet but he's different sweet!  :)

He’s drinking about every three hours and 4 ounces in each bottle. Most times he’s finishing these.  Occasionally during the day he will eat more often during the day too. 

We are sorta following the Mom’s on Call schedule. From two to four weeks it calls for bath at 8:30, bottle at 9 then bed at 9:30.  It swapped last week at 4 weeks and moves everything 30 minutes earlier. I haven’t done that yet because he was two weeks early so I’m going to split the difference and do that later this week.    But I do think it’s just good to get on a rough schedule and get him into a bedtime routine so he starts associating all of that with sleep.  

He takes at least one nap in his crib every day and he goes right to sleep.  Even at night when I put him back in his crib, he goes right to sleep.  He’s getting up around 12:30a and 3:30a then 7ish.  So really just twice a night between the hours of 9:30p and 7:00a.  Not terrible.  He’s become a faster eater and he eats, burps and I change his diaper all in 30 minutes.  At this point Molly Anne was only getting up once a night but she was full term.  

You basically only cry if you need to bubble or are hungry.  Low drama unlike someone else I know! ;)

Haven’t done a pacifier yet and hopefully won’t start. We will see.  I’m using a zip up swaddle now for his crib sleep and usually leave his arms out. He gets his arms out of every swaddle anyway.  

He’s a loud young man and isn’t shy in the middle of the night to let you know he wants to eat!

He likes hanging in the Mamaroo and on my chest.  I certainly hold him a lot more during the day than I ever did Molly Anne!  He doesn’t mind his car seat and usually falls asleep in there.  I hope this continues ha!  

We love you little buddy and can’t wait to watch you grow and learn!

Of course your sister wanted her picture taken with her bunny that she used to sit with for her monthly pictures!  ;) Also, she picked out your lion!  It was between a lion and a bear and she chose the lion for you!

Molly Anne at 2 years and 11 months!


  1. Happy one month to Grady! My little Anna Claire is 6 weeks and on pretty much the same schedule as him. We are also following Moms on Call and it's been working great so far!

  2. Awww! So sweet they both are! Both one month Grady!

  3. Oh my gosh, the picture of Molly Anne at the end almost makes me want to cry-time just goes by too fast! Grady is such a little darling, and I think you're smart not to push him too much with the Moms on Call schedule, since he was early. He seems so sweet and to be adjusting like a champ!

  4. There is something so sweet about a baby boy, right?!