Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Random Updates

I really don’t have a bunch of riveting blog content these days.  I’m in the depths of baby central and sleep deprivation and that’s about it.  I’ve thought of a few blog posts I may write if y’all are interested -
1.  All of the meals my amazing friends have brought. Literally this has been such a blessing.  Thought it could give us all some ideas.  
2.  Post partum blues - they’re real and they go away. 
3.  My friend commented and asked if I’d share about differences in birth deliveries since I’ve had one of each which I thought may be helpful to some.  

Mindy brought dinner over on Monday!

Playing on her busy board that Poppa made.  She was learning how to measure!

Rachel brought dinner over yesterday!

This boy gets rowdy when it’s time for the milk!

A picture of Molly Anne around this age for comparison. I don’t think they look a whole lot alike here but I do think they look alike in general. 

Today I kept Molly Anne home because Becky had a doctors appointment.  She loved just hanging out. We did lots of puzzles and playtime in her playroom.  And they both napped in their rooms for 2.5 the same time. Yesssss.  I slept for 45 minutes of that. 

I put Grady on the bed so I could go to the bathroom and came back out to find this.

Then this happened.

Then those inspired me to get them dressed and take real pictures. 

They didn’t come out wonderfully since someone wasn’t in the mood. But at least I have them!

He’s sooooo sweet. 

My friend Lindsey sent Grady his first swimsuit!  Adorableeeee!!!

Today after naps we played outside since I finally got her water table cleaned up this past weekend.  Mills found his duty quickly. 

Hope everyone is having a good week!


  1. I love that Mills smiled in most of the photos! Sooo cute.

  2. Precious!! And I agree.. baby blues are so real. I had them bad with jack!

  3. One day at a time, girl. I know the feeling of where you are all too well - it's happy and overwhelming and so many emotions all at once. I found that keeping my expectations low, made for much happier days. You got both kids dressed - win! Naps at the same time - super win!!

    And btw - Grady's clothes are SO precious. That bathing suit, love!


  4. Thanks for the sweet-real life update

    Haha. Is Grady checking out your GF in that 1st photo ?!

  5. Love your updates! Thank you~ and all of those topics sound right on!
    (Especially as we're getting ready to welcome our new babe :) )

  6. Mills look so happy to have another edition to his clan!