Thursday, June 21, 2018

Just some pictures

Boys can wear Lilly too! ;) My MOH gave Grady these adorable Lilly for PBK swaddles and I think they are precious!  

My friend Katie gave Grady these adorable loafers which happen to look exactly like Kevin’s!  Ahh can you even?!  They look like they’re on the wrong foot but they aren’t!  He just has to grow into them!

Tummy time! 

Assisted by Princess Molly Anne!

Zero personal space around this house these days!


The witching hour hangout on the porch!  Molly Anne always wanted to be outside too!  

He has “filled out” quite a bit this week and even has rolls now!  He’s 6 weeks yesterday.  Cannot believe that!  


  1. He is adorable!! and I can't get over how much MA has grown!

  2. I love those Lilly swaddles and those shoes are killing me!! MA looks like she is loving her big sister role! So sweet!


  3. Gah!
    I mean, I just cannot.....those mico loafers!

  4. Those little loafers... all the heart eyes! SO cute!