Friday, June 8, 2018

Meal Train Part One

Thought it would be fun to share some of the meals that my amazing friends have brought to us.  Yall - this whole Meal Train thing is amazing.  I've never had one before but it has been SO incredibly helpful!  Here are some of the meals we've received in case it gives you an idea for a meal to take to someone soon!

Viva Chicken family meal - we ate off of this the rest of the week for lunch!

Pioneer Woman’s Noodle Bake with a Caesar salad, bread and chess bars for dessert.  We won’t be fitting through the door ha!

Pacos Tacos burrito bowls and my friend had them bring it out to her car!  This is a local Charlotte restaurant but I bet any Mexican restaurant would do these for you.  

Stuffed pepper soup and a salad - will be making this soup soon!

Chicken fajitas  and we had a ton leftover!  And she also brought these amazing muffins!

Zoe’s Kitchen family meal - the ravioli was amazing and came with hummus and two sides - we got fruit and slaw.  You can order this off the app and they bring this to your car too!

Bacon and Cheddar Quiche, fresh fruit and ham delights

Reid’s (a local Charlotte place) mashed potatoes and chicken pie with these green beans. If you haven’t ever had these green beans, add them to your list! 

Switchin Kitchens chicken pot pie, Shepard’s pie and key lime pie!  

Pasta and Provisions lasagna (one for now and we froze one), salad, crostini, wine and mini chocolate chip cookies!


  1. Ooh thank you for posting this!!! I have to take food to April and another friend with a new baby coming up and I need new ideas!! Glad you liked the P&P!!!

  2. I actually really appreciate you posting this! I'm always a bit overwhelmed as to what to bring to friends, and I spend way too much time overthinking it. I'll probably be referring to this list in the future the next time I'm stressing! Yay for sweet friends to bring you food.