Friday, June 29, 2018

Five on Friday - Shirt, Mills, Eye Shadow, Smoothie, Children

This shirt.  I told yall had I it in blue and green.  I'm going to order the white today.  And maybe the black.  I have found myself trying to wear the blue or green one every day.  It is so comfortable and versatile.  And it washes well and doesn't shrink in the dryer.  In case you were wondering about the underwear situation...I do wear a regular bra with it and just put the straps in towards my neck a little more than usual.  You can of course wear strapless or also a sports bra.  Tuck into a pencil skirt for work or wear with shorts like I've been doing since I've been on maternity leave.

Mills.  Found him in the pantry on Tuesday night during a thunderstorm.  He goes in there a lot during a storm but this is the first time I found him ON THE SHELF!  Yall - he's 95 pounds!  Imagine him getting out of there.  It was a sight to see. I lifted him out backwards!!!  He's a wimpy boy!


I recently bought this Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick in color Nectar which I'm obsessed with for Summer and it came with a free gift which happened to be this Shadow Stick in color Golden Pink.  I have really enjoyed using this eye shadow!  I never use the free samples or gifts you get with things but this one has me sold on buying the full size when this is finished which seems like it'll take forever.  It is so easy to put on (no brush required!) and stays on all day.  I tested out some colors while I was at the mall the other day.  Golden Pink seems most standard for everyone's skin tone.  Truffle is next on my list.  

Anyone bought these for their children?  Molly Anne LOVES them!  They come in a six pack and Molly Anne has two at a time.  I get them at our local grocery - Harris Teeter.  Highly recommend!

This is what these two have been up to this week!  

Cinderella finally rode her jeep that Santa brought her!

Sleep eat sleep eat!

Hope everyone has a nice weekend!  I'm going to Luke Bryan tonight and will be celebrating the birthday girl tomorrow!


  1. OMG.. the picture of Mills is too funny. He is precious!

  2. Mills in the pantry! I can't! What a sweetie!!

  3. Ohh, this is making me want to splurge on some new make up and that cute shirt! I also adore that picture of Molly Anne and Grady together. They are so sweet! I hope Molly Anne has a fabulous birthday and you don't wear yourself out too much with all the party planning!

  4. I may have bought the shirt in black when you mentioned it last week!