Monday, July 2, 2018

Luke Bryan Concert

Ohhhh the Luke Bryan concert on Friday night was amazing!  Hilary and I scooted up there in an Uber and she made the best appetizer plate for us to nibble on!

We met up with my friend Kimmy and her neighbor for a couple beverages.  

Kimmy and I have been to a gazillion country concerts together.  We were sorority sisters at NC State and have done our fair share of honky tonking!  

Hilary and I went in to the concert pretty early because we had VIP tickets which allowed us access to Luke's Lounge.  I'd say there were maybe 100 people in there?!  It still felt really small and intimate with our boy Luke!  They had a cash bar and some appetizers.  

He played several songs for us!  It was really cool.  

Once that was over we headed to the PIT where our tickets were and watched Jon Pardi play.  He was really good!

But was time for our boy Luke!

Jon Pardi came back out and they played Where the Green Grass Grows together and took a shot haha.  

Felt like we were right there with him!  Crazy close!

We saw our friends again afterwards and drank some warm wine together because that was a smart idea?!

We always book a black car back from the pavilion because getting uber back from there is insane and with the surge pricing, the black car likely ends up cheaper.  

It was way too much fun.  Unfortunately we didn't end up on Luke's bus to Nashville, but there's always next year!


  1. What a great night with friends! Concerts are the best!!

  2. Getting a black car makes so much sense. I always try to get Ubers after concerts and you have to wait SOOOOO long and then they usually don't come.

  3. What a fun time and yay for a well-deserved night out!

  4. VIP is seriously my favorite! What black car? The reason I never uber to PNC is b/c of the leaving factor, it's impossible. How do you book this?

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