Friday, July 27, 2018

Three on Friday

Both children had well checks on Monday!  Molly Anne is as healthy as they get!  Just a little on the wild side! ;)  Grady has a couple things going on - reflux and torticollis.  I had taken him to the pediatrician in Maryland because I didn't want to wait two more weeks on the reflux, he got terrible when we were there and the Zantac from his one month visit wasn't doing anything.  Prevacid has really helped him!  Torticollis I knew was going to happen even though I've held this child for 24 hours of every day...not really but you get the point.  It must be how these babies sit in my stomach!  I had the pediatrician in Maryland send a referral to the same PT place Molly Anne went and I got his first appointment for this past Monday, right when we returned.  In fact, we went to PT before we even had his well check ha!  Thankfully his pediatrician here agreed we had made the right move!  He thinks we have a good chance of avoiding the band this time since we caught it early.  Needless to say, I'm all over the exercises!    

I had ordered this shirt in blue and when I got it, I loved it so much, I ordered the pink.  It's legit and $29.  

This boy and I....

have been selling lots of Molly Anne's clothes on a local Facebook group this week.  It has actually been a lot of work and I'm so sad to see most of it go.  But I know it's for the best.  We plan to save the money and put it in a savings account for her.  Maybe it'll be for her wedding dress one day as we sell her clothes throughout the years!

Unreal, right?!!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!


  1. Good for you for being on top of things! My niece had it and avoided the band! And I’m impressed you are sharing the pics of all MAs clothes. I try to keep it secret Hahahaha. Working on selling lots too. Happy Friday!

  2. Im sort of wishing I was local to scoop up some of MAs clothes- girlfriend is WELL dressed

  3. In addition to the exercises, also look into cranial sacral therapy. We were able to avoid the band with my daughter because of this and it's great!!

  4. Hello, do you mind sharing the facebook group that you are selling MA's clothes on?

  5. GIRL! I thought I had it bad with Conner's clothes! But - YOU WIN!! Ha! All those monogrammed clothes!!! Were you able to find a monogram match?!? I HOPE SO!!!!!!