Thursday, July 12, 2018

This Week

Who is shopping the Nordstrom sale this morning?  I was up feeding a certain someone at 3am when it wen live so I poked around and found a few things I may have to get.  One gift, maybe a pair of booties and probably some new athletic wear.  I’d like to find a new pair of shoes for a big trip Kevin and I have coming up.  Anyway, let me know what you find!

Here are some other random pictures of our time in Maryland with my parents so far!  We’ve had a pretty eventful week. Monday I wrote 16 thank you notes, Tuesday I took Grady to the pediatrician here for some concerns (he’s ok but we have some things to work on) and yesterday I got our Sequoia serviced and we went to the zoo.  Today we plan to go to the bike store so Molly Anne can pick out a couple extras for her bike!  That’s the brief synopsis haha but as you know with two littles, it’s been much more exciting than that! ;)


  1. Prayers that all is well with Grady! Sounds like ya'll are having a great time! I looked around the sale this morning and found deals on Patagonia stuff for winter (including the CUTEST coat for my new nephew). I also love the Dash and Albert rugs - I always buy the smallest size for my kitchen and by my back door!

  2. I found a cute cardigan at the sale but other than that not so impressed after the build up...HA!
    The pictures are adorable - so happy that Grady is okay! Happy Thursday!

    1. Agreed, I thought they would have had more. Maybe they’ll add some!

  3. I think I'm probably going to skip the Nordstrom sale...well at least not get my hopes up until it opens up to everyone! I'm glad you were able to get Grady checked out. It's always super stressful to be away and have something come up. Enjoy this time with your parents!