Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Molly Anne’s Birthday Party

July 3rd - on this day 7 years ago, Kevin proposed to me!  
July 3rd - on this day 3 years ago, I was due with Molly Anne!  But she came one day late!

We had Molly Anne's third birthday party on Saturday at a little gym down the street!  Yes, it was the morning after the Luke Bryan concert.  I was hurting but rallied for the occasion!  ;)

I had the cutest invitations made from this Etsy seller!  She also made little tags for the party favors, things to stick into cupcakes which I ended up not using and thank you notes!  

All she wanted for her birthday was an Elsa cupcake on an Elsa plate.  I don't think she really realized that this party was for her until all of her favorite people arrived!

Allll the Elsa everything!

I ordered all of this stuff from Oriental Trading including little tiaras I put at each place setting!

A local lady made her cupcakes and they were strawberry and delicious! 

This Etsy seller made these water bottles as party favors!

They played in the bounce houses for the first 30 minutes.

Then they had a little tumbling session for the next little bit. 

They had pizza and cupcakes and we sang to Molly Anne!

She LOVED it!

Kevin got this picture of her licking the cupcake and it's just so cute!

After cupcakes they played Frozen music and taught them cheer moves along with playing Simon Says.  

Little Grady got passed around.....

and to Ms. Becky.....

who he will be very familiar with soon when he starts with her in August!  By the way, Molly Anne lovedddd that Ms. Becky came to her party.  That's what she told me that night in bed - MS. BECKY CAME TO MY PARTY!!!!

Grady and his grandparents!

Molly Anne had the best time!  She played hard!!!

All of her presents!  She had so much fun opening these the rest of the day!

Sunday morning we played and played with all of her new things!

It was the best day.  We can't wait for her actual birthday on Wednesday....July 4th!  I finally got that dollhouse put together yesterday whew.  It probably took me 3 hours total but I did it over 5 days due to having ya know, a few things going on! ;)  It really wasn't that terrible to do, just time!  

Okay chat soon!


  1. This is so sweet! Happy Birthday Molly Anne!

  2. Oh my goodness, you are a rockstar for getting that doll house put together (and throwing a toddler party the day after a concert!). It looks like such a fun time, and I also love the water bottle favor idea. Happy Birthday, Molly Anne!


  3. Happy 3rd Birthday Ms.Molly Anne!

    Ah. They grow up so fast

  4. OMG, we had my daughter’s 6th birthday party there right after MA’s!! Too funny! Thanks for leaving the pretty balloons!

    1. Oh that’s so funny! Glad y’all got to enjoy those haha!

  5. She is sooo super adorable! Great party!!! Annster's Domain

  6. She looks SOOOO excited in that one pic where she is getting ready to blow out her candle!