Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Ocean City

On Sunday the weather was amazing so we decided to take advantage of a 70 degree day and head to the beach.  It's about 40 minutes from my parent's house. 

First stop was at Baja in West Ocean City!

Molly Anne loved this Frog Hopper.  I did not.  She has zero fear, it's unreal!  

Then we headed to the boardwalk and waited for the Trimpers Rides to open!

Grady's first time to the boardwalk!

She carried those Thrashers french fries like she owned the whole boardwalk!  

She and Poppa got into some trouble when I fed Grady and Mom hung with me.  First - Dumser's Ice Cream at 11am.  And it was her first cone ever.  

Then they went and played in the sand.  Molly Anne had sand all over her after this little escapade.  It was funny.  I'm not sure who had more fun doing this - Molly Anne or my Dad. 

She wanted to ride the big Ferris Wheel so we did much to my Mother's dismay haha!  I held onto her with a death grip!  We were the only ones on there!  

That's the one we rode!

The views were incredible on such a beautiful day!

Then we headed to ride some more rides!  She LOVES the Merry Mixer, we rode it twice!  Her giggles were adorable!  

Tilt-A-Whirl is the one Dad and I always have done together so this was extra fun to introduce it to Molly Anne!  She thought it was a blast!

This picture is the best!

One day Grady!

Second ice cream of the day just a couple hours later.  And why not just drink the end of it?! 

A big day for the little queenie!  She was asleep the second she got in the bed!  

It was a blast! 


  1. That souds like the perfect day for a child!! Family, fries and two ice cream servings!!

    1. Yes, she was definitely living her best life!

  2. What a super fun day! How neat is it that you could take MA and Grady to a place that already has so many wonderful memories! Also, I'm so with you on the height rides!

    1. Yes they are crazy and make my heart drop!

  3. Thrasher’s and Dumser’s ... I’m so jealous!

  4. The tilt a while makes me sick to my stomach, but I used to love it. That picture of you and MA on the Ferris Wheel has to be the best picture ever. Pure joy. I love it!