Monday, July 23, 2018

Last Week in Maryland

Well it's back to reality!  I got home on Saturday with Molly Anne and Grady.  It was a long day of travel but it only took us 10.5 hours versus the 11 it took going.  

We had three efficient stops and didn't run into traffic this time.  We stopped at a Chick Fil A in the pouring down rain in VA Beach.  Imagine one of those super busy Chick Fil A's that have two drive aisles for the drive thru then another lane and then parallel parking spaces.  Well that's where we had to park.  So yeah I got two kids out of the car and told Molly Anne to stay right beside me and I pushed the stroller in and held her hand with Grady crying.  It was fabulous.  But we got in there and knocked out the bathroom for all of us, fed Grady and got Carry Out food for lunch via the app (so I didn't have to stand in line and they brought it to the table for me!). 

The next stop I may have won a mom award.  Grady was not happy and I just had to stop.  I was trying to get to Durham but that didn't happen and I had to stop in a small town and had no choice except for the Cookout.  I'll spare you the details but I got Molly Anne a milkshake and she stayed put.  It was disgusting in there, not to mention I didn't feel very safe.  Anyway, we all survived. And all took baths the second we walked in the door at home.   

Stop 3 was at a Sheetz gas station about 1.5 hours from Charlotte.  I just fed him in the car that time and we moved along.  

All in all, it wasn't terrible to go up and back by myself with both children.  But I will say I don't think I'll be doing that again until Grady isn't taking bottles.  Flying next time!

My parents really went above and beyond for us.  I'm thankful for the time we spent with them and I'm glad they got time with Molly Anne and Grady.  Of course I like being home too.  We had visitors almost every day so we got to see a lot of family and friends as well.  It was good for the soul.  I spent two weeks up there during my maternity leave with Molly Anne so it was nice to get to do that again.  I'm not sure that'll ever happen a third time but ya never know. 

Here are some pictures of our last week up there!

One night Dad was out back grilling and they were playing tag.  This was so sweet to me because we grew up playing in the backyard at nights while Dad grilled.  

We went for a bike ride every morning after Grady's bottle and he slept in my carrier while she rode.  

Hey Mo!  She brought both children so many treats!  So nice!

Mom worked with her on learning how to write her name.  Mom was a teacher so she knows how to do all of this stuff that I'm clueless on.  (She had a little melanoma spot taken off her face).  

We got carry out crabs a couple times which was a big treat.  

We went to my cousin Jenni's pool one day.  They live on the river and it's just so pretty!

Grady and his first Grady White boat out in the distance.  

We resorted to the blow up pool that my parents had gotten her to play in! 

And of course they got her a big Mingo float!

Best buddies

Molly Anne lovessss my parent's piano!  

Mimi - my parent's long time next door neighbor- for like almost 40 years.  Like family to us!

Jenni came by to visit!

They did makeup!

Sweet boy

Molly Anne at 10 weeks 5 days and Grady at 10 weeks 2 days.  Same sofa in my parent's living room.  

This is what I drove through on the way back.  Whew.  

Alrighty I'm back in business and ready for a busy couple of weeks.  Becky is back today after being off since July 4th.  Both children have well visits today and Grady has physical therapy.  Busy day!  


  1. Fun trip! You’re a rockstar for driving that by yourself. I wouldn’t even drive to charlotte alone when the boys were infants! What is Grady going to PT for?

  2. WOW! Very impressive Mom! Two kids and a trip alone! Go you! What a great trip!!! We have that same flamingo float and the kids love it!! I am so jealous - it has been so long since I have eaten a Maryland crab!! YUM!!!
    The kids so super sweet!
    So glad you made it home safely!! Hugs!

  3. What a special time with your parents and friends! I’m so glad you made it safely home. It was so stormy on Saturday, and the thunderstorms can sometimes make driving really scary!

  4. SUPER MOM is an understatement! Wow YOU!!! Brave mama! Congrats on an awesome visit, and safe trip home with two!