Thursday, July 5, 2018

Molly Anne is 3!

Our Molly Anne is officially 3 as of yesterday!  We celebrated with red white and blue popsicles at Ms. Becky’s on Tuesday. 

Yesterday morning she finally got to see her dollhouse!  She was so surprised!!!  And loves it!

She opened presents from us!

Then I took the two of them to Dunkin, her favorite!

We zipped back and got ready for the local parade!

I took both kids and followed our next door neighbors so we could sit together.  

They got to meet a police officer!  

Molly Anne LOVED the parade!  I wasn’t sure if I was up to taking them by myself but I’m glad I did.  She was just so excited!  

After not napping but a little quiet time we scooted next door to swim and for a cookout!

When you show up to the party in the same swimsuit! ;)

We sung to her again and she lovedddd being sung to this year. She just squealed in excitement.  

With her Mr. Drew!

The girls!

We went home to put Grady to bed and for baths.  

Then we went back over and watched fireworks from the back porch and driveway out front.  We had the best display right here in our neighborhood!  A few houses down put on quite a show and we saw lots of others around!

That’s our house on the right in the below picture!

She jumped around like a crazy child about how awesome the fireworks were.  She loved every bit of her day.  I think this was her ideal day for sure!  Swimming next door is her very favorite and she got to do that for hours on her birthday!  

I’m so glad she had such a fun birthday. She finally hit the bed about 10:00 and didn’t even move once ha!