Friday, May 29, 2020

Five on Friday

These glasses that my friend Nina found that look just like Juliska for a fraction of the price, thank you Target!  Gin and Tonics will taste GOOD in these!
8oz Glass Cup Clear - Hearth & Hand™ with Magnolia - image 1 of 3

I think Grady is getting his two year molars because he's been drooling a lot these past two weeks and I feel some bumps on his bottom gum.  These two little love bugs... ps - Molly Anne can’t get enough of Uno!!!

On Tuesday evening, we went outside for a parade of neighborhood seniors graduating from high school.  They wore their gowns with their new college shirts underneath!  It was so much fun and we made a couple other signs for a couple graduates in the hood that we know, including Sophie, one of our babysitters!

There's Sophie!  At the end of the parade was a fire truck and Grady wasn't impressed with it!  He ran and hid in the garage!!

Fresh blooms from the yard!  We will be bringing these inside constantly!  They're beautiful and we enjoy them so much on the island!

I'm working on a couple of Peloton challenges right now and I met one of the goals but the other is running another 8 miles before Monday.  I don't know if it's going to happen timewise but I'm currently on a 22 day streak of working out (something even if 5 minutes of arms a day!) so I think it'll be fine.  My friend Justine is doing a one minute or 90 second plank every day for 30 days so I'm enjoying doing that too!  Try it!  You'll be surprised at your core!

Still staying super busy with work stuff.  Nothing has slowed down on that end.  Yikes!

Hope everyone has a nice weekend!  

Thursday, May 28, 2020

Orange Crush and Bloody Mary Recipes

When my parents were here, Dad and I had fun making drinks!

First up were Orange Crushes.  These are kind of a Maryland thing!  This recipe is from my friend Allie!

Orange Crush Recipe for one serving:
2 parts orange vodka
1 part triple sec
4 parts freshly squeezed OJ (we just used from the bottle)
1 part sprite
1 slice garnish

 Shake all ingredients together and serve over crushed ice!

Bloody Mary's:
I love using the little Zing Zang cans.  I find they're much more efficient unless you're serving a big crowd and need the bottle!

Vodka (we use Titos)
Zing Zang
Old Bay
Blue Cheese Olives

First, use a lime around the rim of the glass.  Then roll it in old bay so you have a delish old bay rim!  Next, fill the cup with ice then pour vodka in until it's halfway up.  Finish it with the bloody mary mix but leave room for all of your garnishes!  

Cheers friends!

Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Memorial Day Weekend

Friday night we got out the $15 slip and slide that provided hours of entertainment this weekend!  And you can see our flags for Memorial Day out by the road too!

We got news that Nannie and Poppa were on their way down. They decided that morning heck with it and came on down and we were all SO glad they did!  They arrived around 8:45pm and had hardly stopped on the way down!  Kabobs and beverages were in order!

Good morning from Grady boy!

We enjoyed the weekend with them so much.  It had been too long!  Mom did sight words with Molly Anne and all of the sudden, she was the teacher again ha!


Grady didn't stop saying Poppaaaaaa all weekend!  We spent a lot of time on the porch!



We got City BBQ for dinner on Saturday night which was so good.

Twinning even in their shoes later that night after a golf cart ride around the hood. 

Poppa and Nannie read them a ton of books!

Poppa read Go Dog Go live and in person.  He's been reading this to Grady over FaceTime a lot lately!

Climbed on Mills a bunch!  Don't worry, the fire wasn't on.  

Nannie and I slipped out during naptime on Monday and got to a couple of stores which was SO good and fun and we felt like humans again after that!

Isn't this the most adorable dress on her!?!  It's Proper Peony and we found it at Fancy Pants here in Charlotte.  

I love this picture of Grady!

Pictures with Nannie and Poppa on Memorial Day!

We grilled burgers, dogs and had premade coleslaw, macaroni and potato salad from Teeter.  Mom and I made pasta salad.  We cut up a watermelon for dinner.  So good.  

It was the best visit and we were so sad to see them go this morning!  Back to reality.  It was nice to forget about the virus for a long weekend and be with family.  

Friday, May 22, 2020

Happy Friday

Five things today!

1.  I made these Skinny Taste Chipless Nachos for dinner one night this week (using beef not turkey) and they were delish!  I also made this chicken parm and finally made chicken spaghetti which I shared with another family.  Win win on that.  We also had a sausage, mushroom and onion crustless quiche one night - so easy.  

2.  Three little girls playing in the rain because why not?!

3.  Molly Anne loves some monopoly still and asks to play all of the time!  It's so good for counting the dice, counting money and so on.  Highly recommend for your 4 year olds!  

4.  I ordered three shirts from Loft this week and I think they're so cute and 50% off lowest price through Saturday with code friend.  One, Two, Three  The last couple of shirts I got from Loft, I've really enjoyed.  They wash well and they're basic but have a little zazz.  Good for around the house or at work.  I'm excited to get these.
Petite Floral Clip Puff Sleeve TopCrochet Flutter TopRuffle Split Neck Top

5.  We finally placed our big Serena and Lily order in early May and most of it arrives today.  This is a sketch they did of our porch layout which was incredibly helpful to imagine what it'll look like together!  We didn't end up ordering the two lounge chairs and side table on the left quite yet.  We want to receive everything else and see what we think.  They're doing their Memorial Day sale 20% off with code LIVEWELL through Monday, then on Tuesday their 20% off is ending.  Check it out.  They have the prettiest things!  Once we get everything set up, I'll post some pictures!

Thursday, May 21, 2020

Back to Work at the Office

On Monday my office opened!  We have Team A and Team B and are supposed to go on our assigned days assuming no other issues (aka daycare or compromised people at home).  It was so nice to be back at the office with my work crew. That’s the longest (10 weeks!) I’ve not seen them in 13 years!!  Even during my long maternity leaves, I always went by the office or they came to my house to meet the kiddos.

I even got a sandwich at Laurel Market and my life felt semi normal!  Being back in a semi normal routine was so refreshing!!  

When I got home, there were two huge packages on the front step. Dad shipped Grady these trucks. It’s a long story where they came from but they are super cool and treasured and Grady loves them! 

Mills was gone for most of the day Tuesday getting groomed and they missed him so much.

Long overdue for his haircut!  He’s an every 8 weeker on getting groomed so this was a long time!

Grady has been obsessed with this light up wheel John Deere!

When your kids haven’t seen your parents since Christmas ahhhhh. Lots of FaceTime happening. We were supposed to go there in March and they were supposed to be here a couple of weeks ago.  Dad wanted to read to them so we picked a book that we each had. Dad has been known to order one of their favorite books from Amazon so he has it too and can read it to them on FaceTime. He did that long before the corona!  But this is one of Grady’s favorites right now and every night Grady picks it up and yells Poppaaaaaaa! 

Sweet boy. 

I think Grady likes Mills more than even Molly Anne did at his age. And she loved him (still does) a lot. Mills really has the best disposition. But isn’t the smartest...he’s scared to death of the rain and thunderstorms. Looneytoon. 

Tomorrow I’m going to post some recipes we’ve done this week and what we have planned food wise for the weekend. Can you tell I got groceries yesterday?!

Monday, May 18, 2020


We had such a fun weekend.  We were outside a majority of it and loved every minute.  This was so cute, the girls watched Grady go down the slide backwards a million times and giggled every time.  Grady was WORN OUT that night after all of that activity! 

Maggie taught Molly Anne how to do a front flip on this. 

Quiet time with my Molly Anne.  We love having popcorn in the afternoons on the weekend every now and then!  Poor Mills was so tired. 

Lots of water play in the driveway this weekend! 

This boy loves his tractor.  

Dancing in the pool!

My brother and SIL sent him this cute tricycle for his birthday!

Barefeet on the golf cart.  We have been loving our little rides after dinner and before baths.  Sweaty, sunscreen and Popsicles! 

Could they be any cuter?

Happy Monday!  Back at my office today. Eek!