Friday, May 1, 2020


Today is May 1st.  Hard to believe!  The stay at home order goes until May 8th here in Charlotte.  There is talk of our office opening May 11.  I guess we'll find out and see how it goes!

I bought the prettiest necklace from Kristin this week.  Her Etsy shop is currently on break but find her on Instagram at @kristinfastlimited by sending her a DM.  Her pieces are beautiful, reasonable and she was overly kind and helpful!  I can't wait to go in public again so I can wear this beauty!

We got take out from Sabor Latin Street Grill last night and it was delish!  All of you Charlotte people should definitely try the meal deal!  We got it with guac then added queso and pico!  Molly Anne made her own taco and then of course ate it since she made it, not me!

My parents were supposed to be arriving today for the Garth Brooks concert tomorrow.  I'm so sad about it so I can't think about it much.  We were also going to celebrate Grady's birthday while they were here.  

Next week is Cinco de Mayo, Grady's 2nd birthday and Mother's Day!  Fun things to look forward to!

Any Peloton friends?  My friend Jodie alerted me that Ally Love is doing a Live Sundays with Love on Sunday from her apartment.  I'm going to try to jump on that.  Please join! #NCState16

Have a great weekend everyone!

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