Thursday, May 28, 2020

Orange Crush and Bloody Mary Recipes

When my parents were here, Dad and I had fun making drinks!

First up were Orange Crushes.  These are kind of a Maryland thing!  This recipe is from my friend Allie!

Orange Crush Recipe for one serving:
2 parts orange vodka
1 part triple sec
4 parts freshly squeezed OJ (we just used from the bottle)
1 part sprite
1 slice garnish

 Shake all ingredients together and serve over crushed ice!

Bloody Mary's:
I love using the little Zing Zang cans.  I find they're much more efficient unless you're serving a big crowd and need the bottle!

Vodka (we use Titos)
Zing Zang
Old Bay
Blue Cheese Olives

First, use a lime around the rim of the glass.  Then roll it in old bay so you have a delish old bay rim!  Next, fill the cup with ice then pour vodka in until it's halfway up.  Finish it with the bloody mary mix but leave room for all of your garnishes!  

Cheers friends!

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  1. Love both! Thank you :)
    What kind of orange Vodka do y'all prefer? We love the Eddy Deep Dive for grapefruit but their orange tastes off... What would you recommend?