Friday, May 15, 2020

Five on Friday - Fort, Bike, Salad

1.  I realize how terrible the quality of this picture is but it’s of Molly Anne’s fort that she was sleeping in!  She made it Wednesday and slept in it the last two nights!  She loves it so much!  Hey whatever is my motto on something like this. If you want to sleep on the floor in your sleeping bag and don’t have school the next day, go for it!  Both nights she fell right asleep. 

2.  Trac-tor is the first word Grady says every morning from his crib.  He’s been on this thing constantly. 

3. And she can’t get enough of her bike. So much so that I took her to the Trek store yesterday and my parents got her an early birthday present - a new bike! This is the too small one... 

This is a proud little girl with her 16” bike!!!  She was sooooo excited.  

So she has ridden every hour possible since then!  I’m so happy for her because she loves it. She rode it up and down our street all afternoon yesterday!  When Grady woke up I pushed him in his car he loves so much and we just went up and down many times. 

And this boy got on her old balance bike. Hmmmmm! It didn’t last long but I love his interest!  We will see!

4.  Crazy animal who can’t stand for us to leave the house these days to walk down the street without him!  


5.  I made this BLT salad last night and it was so good!! Highly recommend. We skipped the lime juice though. 

Got out for another 9 holes of golf last night with a few girls from our hood that are members where we are.  They’re only allowing members right now and one cart per person. The two times we have gone have really been SO fun and needed!  

Hope everyone has a nice weekend!!

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