Monday, May 11, 2020

Grady’s Birthday

We had the best day celebrating Grady on his birthday Saturday. It was honestly pretty nice not to have the added pressure of a party for his big day. We just enjoyed being home and hanging out!  Much more up grady’s alley!

I did a little the tractor banner from Amazon and it is pretty nice. It came three in a pack for $9!  On one of my recent Wal-Mart pick ups I got two packs of balloons and blew them up to make it more festive. We kinda did a John Deere tractor theme since that is what he’s obsessed with right now and because that was his big gift!

When he came downstairs he ooo’d and ahhh’d over everything. It took him a few to finally open a gift!!  He loves this fancy light up wheel tractor from Shauna and Brad!  

For breakfast we had funfetti pancakes, eggs and sausage.

We FaceTimed my parents about 18 times so they could watch him open gifts and be a part of the festivities since they couldn’t be here. Oh don’t even get me started about how much they were missed this past weekend!!!!

By way of my friends Hilary and Nina, I made my first cake!  It was from a box. I’m not going into the cake business anytime soon!!!  But it was fun to do and Molly Anne loved drawing the tractor on the cake! She used an example that he had drawn awhile ago for him!

Kevin’s parents and our neighbors came over plus Gee!  

This was his big gift and once he understood what it was all about, he hasn’t gotten off!  

Giving Nana her Mother’s Day cards!

We grilled out for dinner just the four of us and that was fun.  We did a fire and s’mores afterwards. 


He was just born!!

We think he had the best day!!  Two!

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