Thursday, May 21, 2020

Back to Work at the Office

On Monday my office opened!  We have Team A and Team B and are supposed to go on our assigned days assuming no other issues (aka daycare or compromised people at home).  It was so nice to be back at the office with my work crew. That’s the longest (10 weeks!) I’ve not seen them in 13 years!!  Even during my long maternity leaves, I always went by the office or they came to my house to meet the kiddos.

I even got a sandwich at Laurel Market and my life felt semi normal!  Being back in a semi normal routine was so refreshing!!  

When I got home, there were two huge packages on the front step. Dad shipped Grady these trucks. It’s a long story where they came from but they are super cool and treasured and Grady loves them! 

Mills was gone for most of the day Tuesday getting groomed and they missed him so much.

Long overdue for his haircut!  He’s an every 8 weeker on getting groomed so this was a long time!

Grady has been obsessed with this light up wheel John Deere!

When your kids haven’t seen your parents since Christmas ahhhhh. Lots of FaceTime happening. We were supposed to go there in March and they were supposed to be here a couple of weeks ago.  Dad wanted to read to them so we picked a book that we each had. Dad has been known to order one of their favorite books from Amazon so he has it too and can read it to them on FaceTime. He did that long before the corona!  But this is one of Grady’s favorites right now and every night Grady picks it up and yells Poppaaaaaaa! 

Sweet boy. 

I think Grady likes Mills more than even Molly Anne did at his age. And she loved him (still does) a lot. Mills really has the best disposition. But isn’t the smartest...he’s scared to death of the rain and thunderstorms. Looneytoon. 

Tomorrow I’m going to post some recipes we’ve done this week and what we have planned food wise for the weekend. Can you tell I got groceries yesterday?!

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