Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Mother's Day

On Saturday morning a car pulled up and out came flowers from my parents (the bouquet on the left).  A few hours later, another car pulled up and handed me the other bouquet, from Kevin!  They are both beautiful and Kevin had fun joking with my parents that they out-did him!  What a special treat!

7am Sunday morning and bacon, biscuits and a card are on our front porch.  A funny inside joke with the neighbors.  And given our fun night the night before, these were very welcomed haha!

We spent most of the morning watching Grady open all of his presents from Saturday.  He wasn't really into it Saturday and had so many that it spilled into Sunday.  He played played played all morning then we went outside so he could ride his tractor more and Molly Anne could bike.  She learned how to ride her bike on Saturday without training wheels.  It was a big weekend in our house!

During nap I got a Peloton ride in and then Molly Anne and I worked on this puzzle some more.  We've enjoyed doing it together and Molly Anne can do a puzzle big time!  Kevin went to his parents to see his Mom and have lunch with her.  We couldn't go during nap unfortunately.  

We played outside the rest of the afternoon.  Kevin went to Butcher's Market and got a bunch of stuff for dinner.  

We played out back and grilled etc.  It's one of my fav things to do and the weather was beautiful so I'm really glad we got to do that!  

Hope everyone had a nice weekend!  We missed my Mom terribly and it's taking all I have to not get in the car and drive to Maryland!!!  Otherwise, it was a really nice day!

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