Thursday, May 14, 2020

Couple of Meals and Big Rock

I guess I'm into the numbered lists this week in my blog posts.  Well yesterday and today! 

1.  I made this Asian Chicken Salad Tuesday night with leftover chicken from the Viva Chicken takeout on Monday night.  (Viva is a great option if you need to take a dinner to another family which I did that night)  Anyway,  I doubled the dressing, added cilantro, no ramen and used sliced almonds instead of peanuts.  

kids version...I used guac instead of avocados because my avocado wasn't ready yet!

2.  This was dinner one day last week and buffalo chicken dip went with it.  It was easy and delish.  Something different!

3.  One day last week I went out with a couple girlfriends to play 9 holes for a 5:50pm tee time and it was GLORIOUS.  For many reasons ha.  

4.  I realized I had never blogged about this but my friend Lisa posted about this place behind Stonecrest in Southpark and I decided to take Molly Anne and Grady one day a few weeks ago.  It's called Big Rock Nature Preserve.  You can google it to get the address if you're local.  It's a short walk to the big rocks from where you park so I didn't even put Grady in the stroller.  I will say, maybe I'm a scaredy cat but we didn't stay long because it kind of flipped me out being in the woods by myself with the kids.  No one was really around and I didn't love that.  Next time, Kevin will come with us!  

5.  Ya can't hide classy!  

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