Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Memorial Day Weekend

Friday night we got out the $15 slip and slide that provided hours of entertainment this weekend!  And you can see our flags for Memorial Day out by the road too!

We got news that Nannie and Poppa were on their way down. They decided that morning heck with it and came on down and we were all SO glad they did!  They arrived around 8:45pm and had hardly stopped on the way down!  Kabobs and beverages were in order!

Good morning from Grady boy!

We enjoyed the weekend with them so much.  It had been too long!  Mom did sight words with Molly Anne and all of the sudden, she was the teacher again ha!


Grady didn't stop saying Poppaaaaaa all weekend!  We spent a lot of time on the porch!



We got City BBQ for dinner on Saturday night which was so good.

Twinning even in their shoes later that night after a golf cart ride around the hood. 

Poppa and Nannie read them a ton of books!

Poppa read Go Dog Go live and in person.  He's been reading this to Grady over FaceTime a lot lately!

Climbed on Mills a bunch!  Don't worry, the fire wasn't on.  

Nannie and I slipped out during naptime on Monday and got to a couple of stores which was SO good and fun and we felt like humans again after that!

Isn't this the most adorable dress on her!?!  It's Proper Peony and we found it at Fancy Pants here in Charlotte.  

I love this picture of Grady!

Pictures with Nannie and Poppa on Memorial Day!

We grilled burgers, dogs and had premade coleslaw, macaroni and potato salad from Teeter.  Mom and I made pasta salad.  We cut up a watermelon for dinner.  So good.  

It was the best visit and we were so sad to see them go this morning!  Back to reality.  It was nice to forget about the virus for a long weekend and be with family.  


  1. SO SO fun your parents came to visit!! What a gift 💛

  2. Hopefully this doesn't sound weird since I only know you as an internet "friend", but seeing this sweet visit made me SO happy for you all! What an awesome surprise. Love it!!