Friday, May 8, 2020

Grady is Two!

I really can’t believe that Grady is turning two tomorrow!  I remember when he was born like it was yesterday. In some ways it’s seemed like forever and other ways it hasn’t.  Here are some things about Grady at two!

1.  He is 34/35 pounds. He is in 3T for this summer. He can still wear some 2T shorts from last year.  Size 6 shoe!  He loves his red little sneakers! 

2.  He eats mostly everything you put in front of him minus green veggies. His favorite is noodles with butter, parm cheese and garlic powder.  He also loves blueberries, string cheese and yogurt. 

3. Still sleeping 7-7 and takes a nap from 12pm and gets up anywhere from 2:30 to 4.  May the nap stay forever!! 

4.  He loves reading books and his long time favorite is a Little Blue Truck one that my parents gave him.  He loves any book though, especially ones with tractors, cars, dogs and construction equipment.  These days he also likes his Bike book which is funny because Molly Anne was obsessed with it at this exact same age!

4.  “Trac-tors” are his very favorite thing on earth. We also hunt down construction sites often because he loves watching all of the diggers and bulldozers. 

5.  He recently got his two left side teeth that are the real sharp ones. Those and the right side ones (he got those in February) are the worst I think. No two year molars yet so he has 16 teeth. 

6.  As of this past week, he will finally watch some blippi on TV or on Molly Anne’s tablet. Whew that was a big event and I’m so glad it happened!  Ha. 

7.  Talking - no issues there. He takes after his sister on that. He’s probably not talking as clear as Molly Anne was at this point (she was ahead of the curve on this but behind on other things) but he will say any word you tell him to say.  I lost track of how many words he can say but it’s a lot. I look forward to a conversation with Grady boy!

8.  As far as his delayed walking and that stuff - he has mostly caught up. He still needs help walking down the stairs and probably will for awhile which is I think semi normal at this age. He has only walked up and down a few stairs by himself holding onto the railing. Developmentally he is on track per the doctor 2 year questionnaire so I’ll take it. Minus jumping with two feet. We are working on that to make it happen a little more eloquently! 

9.  He loves all of his loveys but his favorite is his “D” which is a Jellycat puppy. Thankfully I have two D’s because it’s a major thing for him. He only has D when he’s in the crib.  Speaking of, he will sleep in a crib the rest of his life because I will never be able to move him to a big boy bed. My baby forever!  I moved Molly Anne when she was 2.5 but she was a rule follower and never got out of bed. Grady may or may not be the same way, we will see! ;)

10.  He LOVES Mills and calls all dogs D. He loves going for walks in the stroller or in the car push along thing.  He always says hi  and bye to everyone that passes by.

11.  No one compares to Mama in Grady’s book and I must say, I don’t hate it!  He always wants me and I soak it up. He even lets me rock him now. We went through a time where he was too busy for that but not now. He likes to be rocked (facing out so he doesn’t miss anything) and I sing him his little songs. Awww. 

12.  He loves golf cart rides, playing in their playroom, watching what Molly Anne does and doing the same. Their love is something fierce and I’m most thankful for that. 

My mom said the other day how loving Grady is and she is so right. He is just the sweetest little boy and we love him so much!  Happy TWO to our Grady! 


  1. Happy Birthday to your sweet Grady! He is absolutely adorable!

  2. Happy Birthday to Grady! He is such a cuite.

  3. So sweet! Love this age- full of life!
    If yall are having a little party, even just family, are you doing any themes? Ive been trying to think of our little summer 2 year old. Thanks!

  4. Gosh, how is he already two! He's so precious! Happy birthday to Grady!