Monday, May 4, 2020

The Weekend

Last week we changed a couple of things about the way we are operating under this roof on work days. Both kids have to be dressed in real clothes not pajamas before coming downstairs. It made such a difference with getting on with our day. Molly Anne is always fresher for “schoolwork” first thing in the morning and this kicks us right into it after breakfast.  And it’s nice to not have to go back up and get Grady dressed.  The second thing is quiet time for Molly Anne every day from 12:30-2:30/3. She needs it, I need it.  She will sleep a couple of times a week. 

Mills is always so tired. 

Friday night we all played outside. Grady has figured out the beauty of his big sister opening the outside freezer and pulling out ice cream treats for both of them. 

It was a beautiful night in the neighborhood. 

Saturday tasting honeysuckle!

I don’t even know what we did all day on Saturday. I know we were outside all day. Out front all morning and on the back porch late afternoon. We grilled filets and had baked potatoes and green beans. It was delish.  Both kids liked it all too. 

He has a spot on his finger from sucking it in bed.  My gracious.  He is so precious. 

Sunday morning and Molly Anne requested scrapple and Poppa’s eggs - eggs with pepper and cheddar!  Then they put an egg on the fork first then the piece of scrapple to hold it on. Silly things we have done with my parents haha. 

Sunday I did a peloton ride, actually a couple of rides because of technical difficulties but it was all great. I needed that for sure!

That afternoon Molly Anne and I were invited to a neighbors to do some paint and glitter projects with plastic ornaments. It was SO fun and Molly Anne loved it!  We were outside spread out and it was honestly such a breath of fresh air.  My friend that invited us is a truly amazing artist and she was so kind to share her talent with us. 

I ordered a bunch of fruit and veggies from Union Market curbside pickup and Kevin picked them up for me yesterday. Grady is obsessed with blueberries. Molly Anne can’t stop eating the strawberries and blueberries.  We’ve gotten the best fruit from there!  

For dinner last night we grilled burgers and had fresh sweet corn and some slaw.
Last night I also picked up groceries from Teeter for the week. I chopped carrots, celery, cucumber and red pepper for snacks and lunches this week.  I cleaned all of the fruit we got and cut the strawberries.  I also got a rotisserie chicken and put the meat in a container. I feel better having things prepped and ready to go for the week. Makes life so much easier. And healthier!  

Today my cleaning ladies are coming and I’ve probably never been more excited. They haven’t been since all of this mess started but after weighing pros and cons and talking to others, they’re coming.  I’m so excited for a clean house. I love those women! 

Hope everyone has a good week!  Our stay at home order expires Friday and I think my office is opening. We will see. 

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