Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Puzzle and Random Adventures

1.  My parents had brought us this puzzle maybe over Christmas when they came down but we finally pulled it out and randomly worked on it when we had a little time.  We finished it Monday.  Molly Anne is a puzzle pro and it was so good for her to work on this!  She really stuck with it and put mostly all of the dogs together by herself which I thought was the hardest part!  We make a good puzzle team because she likes doing the parts I don't!

2.  Grady needed a pair of pajamas and I had a gift card burning a hole in my inbox so I grabbed him these.  Aren't they adorable?  I know when they come Molly Anne is going to want to match him but I didn't order her any.  Eeeekkkkk maybe I should.  She loves to match him and I know this phase won't last long.  These are the softest pajamas of all time. PS, TBBC is having their biggest sale of the year today starting at 9am until tomorrow!  $22 pajamas when typically they’re almost $60!

3.  My friend Hilary told me she had been doing parfaits with her girls for breakfast and they loved it so we did that last week and both kids enjoyed them! If you haven't tried the Greek Gods yogurt, it's so good.  I don't typically love greek yogurt but this is super delicious.  Molly Anne and I call it dessert yogurt!

Yogurt, strawberries, another layer of yogurt, blueberries layered then honey on top!

4.  We take a zillion walks a day it feels like.  On this one, Molly Anne jumped off her bike and was rubbing his chest and comforting him when he saw heard one of the yard blowers.  He doesn't like the blowers and always yells "bow bow!"

6.  When they don't have school and you take a Mother's Day craft into your own hands haha.  

The finished product is on the left side of the below picture!  Little flower hands!  I love it so much!

7.  Mills was due for a shot so we took him to the vet and they came right out to the car to give it to him.  Easy peasy.  We have to put the pool float there to keep him in the back.  Otherwise he'd be with the kids or in the front seat, not kidding!  We decided to take him for a spin through the car wash on the way home and boy did the kids get a kick out of watching Mills in the car wash!

8.  A tired boy after his adventure and I look over and Molly Anne is rubbing his paw with her toes while she was watching Spirit (her obsession on Netflix).  Awwwww.  

That's all I've got for today!  

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