Monday, July 30, 2018

First Pedi and Our Weekend

On Friday Grady had a little test run day at Ms. Becky's so I kept Molly Anne and we had a little girls day!  I got soooo much done not having someone attached to me 24/7!  Haha!  

First up, we went to Polished and she got a mani and pedi!  She had had a mani before but this pedicure was extra special for her!  Then she wanted to get a chocolate iced donut so we did that afterwards!  

After we picked Grady up, we went next door to swim for our usual Friday night!  After all of the children were in bed, Hilary came over and we hung on the porch! 

Saturday morning!

We didn't do a ton on Saturday.  We cooked breakfast at home then had naps after playing.  Well some of us had naps and some didn't! ;)

We went to Southpark late afternoon because Kevin had to return something then had an early dinner at Pacos Tacos.  We always have to visit the fountain afterwards!

Sunday morning we hung around, I gave Mills a bath, then Kevin took Molly Anne to the playground so she could go down the slide a million times and take her new sand toys to the sand volleyball court!  She built a castle of course!

This is what we did!  Mills is the best. 

Look at him, he had his face stuck between the chair and ottoman and just let Grady chill on him.  It was so cute.  

After nap we played with water beads in her water table and then moved them all to this little tupperware container!  We grilled out for dinner and I'll try to share that new recipe later this week.  

Hope you all had a nice weekend!


  1. That selfie picture of all three (two kids and Mills) is so super adorable! The look on Grady's face is priceless! ha! Have a great week!