Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Molly Anne’s School Stuff

Well, Molly Anne is leaving Ms. Becky's at the end of August and going to a large church program for school!  It's going to be so sad leaving Becky's but I know this will be good for her.  She needs a challenge in her world!  And, we still get to see Becky because Grady will take Molly Anne's place there!  Win win!

I owe my friend Sarah who knows the ropes of school lunch all the credit for getting Molly Anne set right up!  This will be the first time I've had to pack a lunch (Becky feeds them Breakfast, Lunch and snack) so I didn't know what to buy!  

First up - Molly Anne's lunchbox - Christine monogrammed this for us!  Next, Sarah swears by these YumBox lunchboxes and evidently they truly do not leak.  And this drink container which goes in the pocket on the outside of the lunchbox.  These ice packs because they're slim and fit easily.  And a waterproof folder (from Wal-Mart) for all of the documents that get sent back and forth.  I put one of her mGa stickers on it that I had made from this Etsy seller.  

Everything will go right into her classic LL Bean backpack!  

And she'll be ready to roll!  I know she will love going to her new school!  


  1. I lOVE all her monogrammed back to school supplies!! She will look so super adorable with her backpack!! I remember my nieces first days-they look like they will topple over since the backpack is so big compared to them!!

  2. So sweet! Our girls have almost the exact same :) Love the LLBean backpacks... classics!

  3. Such an exciting next step for Molly Anne! I'll have to check out those lunch boxes and such when SC starts preschool!