Monday, July 16, 2018

Weekend in Maryland

Yes. We are still here visiting my parents and having so much fun!  The laundry, cooking and cleaning services are an A+ here and it’s been so nice not to worry about everything!  My parents got Molly Anne a ton of things to play with and do.  They always go wild but I guess spoiling their grandchildren is perfectly acceptable!  Mermaid outfit 

On Friday we blew up this huge pool and flamingo they had gotten!  Molly Anne was in heaven!  

Nannie read to her!  

Dad made us delicious gin and tonics Friday night!  He makes the BEST G&Ts!

Saturday morning an engineer and future engineer used “lil engineer blocks” and built a few things!

They named this guy Bill!

The sweetest!

Some of my parent’s friends came over on Saturday afternoon and early evening to meet Grady and see Molly Anne and then we ordered Chinese for dinner. 

Sunday morning!  Grady in an outfit my friend Lisa gave Molly Anne. He’s 9.5 weeks. 

Molly Anne in the same outfit at 12 weeks!  Look how young mills looks!  She gave him a white face over the years...he’s so golden when she was first born!

We took her to the church playground then walked to get ice cream at a new local place.  

We had more visitors yesterday after naps and Molly Anne had so much fun with them.  

Finished the weekend with a little braid! ;)


  1. Sounds like a perfect weekend, moms need to be taken care of too!

  2. What fun family time! My brother and SIL got us that pool last year and we just got a giant flamingo from my parents. Our backyard accessories seriously look the same! Lol, great grandparents think alike!☺️

  3. What a great weekend! I love visiting my parents every weekend! Such fun when we are all together! We have a flamingo at the lake house now and the kids LOVE it! It is a constant battle for who gets it next - just wait until Grady is old enough to want to take his turn - LOL!! Hugs