Wednesday, June 27, 2018

3rd Birthday Gifts

Molly Anne's 3rd Birthday is next Wednesday, July 4th!  I cannot even believe she will be 3!  Thought it'd be fun to round up what we are getting her for her birthday in case you're looking for a 3 year old girl birthday gift anytime soon!

In no particular order!  Yes, she's very into My Little Pony right now! 

My Little Pony Necklace Activity - you'll see in this post that she's into jewelry and being a princess!

Dollhouse (which I need to put together in the next my spare time ha!) - this will go in her playroom and all of the reviews say they will play with this for years and years to come!  I hope so!  

Rainbow Dash Undersea - ANYTHING Rainbow Dash she is into!  

Necklace - I saw this the other day and HAD to get it for her.  She will feel so special to get to wear a fun necklace for the first time!  

Flamingo Bracelet - they didn't have this in the store but I'm getting this for her.  She is very into flamingos and even Grady got her one that I posted about a few weeks ago!  She will freak over this!

Hair Ties - too bad she just got her hair cut because these would have been adorable for a pony tail!

Tassel Bracelet - how fun right?  

My parents are getting her a bike!  They got it from the same place we got our bikes as children so it'll be extra special.  We are going to Maryland soon so we'll bring it back with us.  I'm taking her helmet so she can ride it while we are up there!  

And no 3rd birthday is complete without an Elsa cupcake on an Elsa plate because that's all she told us she wants for birthday.  Adorable right?!  She doesn't even know what toys to tell us she wants but I know she will be thrilled with all of these things!  Now, I need to go find time to put that dollhouse together!  ;)


  1. I would have been so obsessed with that dollhouse. In fact, I still would be. Ha.

    1. SAME! I’m secretly excited to put it together!!

  2. Thank you so much for this post! I have some three year old birthday parties coming up, so I always like ideas! I can't believe our girls are going to be three!