Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Father’s Day Weekend

My goodness I have a lot to write about today.  We had a really nice weekend and even got to go out with a couple other couples which was a HUGE treat.  Okay let's get to it.  

Ms. Becky made us dinner on Thursday night - shrimp salad, fruit salad and pasta salad.  And she sent home chicken bites for Molly Anne - her favorite.  Oh and she also made this chocolate tort that is amazingggg.  But I loved all of these salads because they were so fresh and cool for the summer!  I ate off of them for a few days!  I can tell why Molly Anne eats everything Ms. Becky makes for her...she knows how to cook, unlike this Mama!

How adorable is this unicorn nightlight?!!  I ordered it for Molly Anne's room and sent hers to Grady's room!  She thinks it is really special when she gets something new right now and Grady doesn't know he's getting the old/gender neutral stuff ha!  

I've been trying to find a baby carrier to wear so I can go places with both children (don't have a double stroller yet) and so I can wear him around the house.  I tried the K'tan in literally sizes Large, Medium and Small in that order and I think I needed in between a Small and Medium.  First time in my life I've needed a small anything haha.  Plus, I just didn't feel like he was entirely secure in there.  I tried my friend's Boba carrier and loved it and it's perfect for what I need.  I wanted something for Infant size up to a Toddler.  Also, Kevin can wear it too because it's adjustable.  

Sleeping angel.

Friday nights next door is our favorite tradition!  We had a little dance party with lollipops! 

Saturday morning the four of us went to the neighborhood pool and were the only people there for most of the time which was so nice!

Her suit is Little English and the cutest thing ever.  

Saturday afternoon we went to Addi's 2nd birthday party and it was water themed!

They had all of these pools, a sprinkler and other toys set up out back in the shade!  

We rushed home to Kevin's family at the house and Kendall finally got to meet Grady!  Kendall is Kevin's brother's little girl!

Kevin's parents kept the children while we got to go to a few new places.  We hadn't been out in the longest time and this was such a treat.  

Wearing my favorite Lilly dress (similar) that is perfect for every occasion!  You can dress it up or down and is cool for hot summer nights!

Sunday for Fathers Day brunch, Molly Anne and I were matchy matchy in our Lilly dresses and shoes.  My shoes //  Her shoes

Love her beyond.

I stole Annie's idea of getting your child to use Sharpies and color all over golf balls!  We ordered Kevin's Dad's favorite golf balls from Amazon and Molly Anne went to town one afternoon!  It was a fun and easy idea!

Father's Day afternoon we went to our neighborhood pool with Kendall!

Yesterday Grady and I went to Concord to see my Matron of Honor who was in town to go to Great Wolf Lodge.  I loved loved loved getting to see her family and I was so happy Grady got to meet her!  xo

Happy Tuesday!


  1. You’re welcome to have my ergo carrier if you want it!

  2. Check out Lillebaby for a carrier that works for infant to toddler. You can also carry him outward once he gets bigger. I've been using my Happy Wrap for Elsie because the baby has to be 7lbs to fit in the Lillebaby and little girl isn't quite there yet!

  3. What a fun weekend, and I love you and MA in matching Lilly dresses! So cute!

  4. That shrimp salad looks great! Wonder if she would share the recipe!

  5. What a fun weekend!! We wore the same Father's Day matching outfit! Will have to send you a photo ;) Glad y'all are enjoying these summer/ baby days!