Monday, June 4, 2018


First a couple pics from last week.  This was a morning Sarah stopped by to hang out and brought Starbucks!  Such a treat!

Angel baby

He loves his crab that my friend Mallory sent him!  Blog friend turned real life friend! 

This is how this weekend went down:
Friday night- pool and pizza next door with our friends 
Saturday - Kevin worked all morning and good ole family time that afternoon and evening
Sunday - pool all day

Grady had his first dip into the water with his tootsies getting swished around!

Saturday afternoon - bubbles on the porch with Princess Molly Anne. Duh. 

Someone slept for the occasion.  

And continued sleeping for his bath!

Sunday our friends invited us to their club’s pool so MA and I went!  It was a blast!  Her bathing suit (same style) is the cutest ever.  

We had quiet time in the afternoon then went over to their house to swim more!

It was the perfect summer weekend and I really enjoyed getting out to the pool!  It was a much needed break from bottles ha and it allowed Kevin to have some one on one Grady time yesterday.  And Molly Anne had a blast. Win win for everyone!

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